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Peek Inside The Dec/Jan Box!

Read on to get the full scoop on what’s in our Holiday edition box for December/January, including an unboxing video from our co-founders Katie and Justine!

The Holiday December/January box, over $90 in total value, includes:

RMS BEAUTY Lip Shine in Bloom | $25


LIPPY GIRL MAKEUP Vegocentric Lipstick in Schmoopy | $23

HELLOMELLOW Balance Body Butter | $22

PLUS ULTRA Hello Gorgeous Toothbrush | $5.99


AUROMERE Ayurvedic Toothpaste Travel size | $1


DEUX LUX Sequin Cosmetic Bag in Silver or Gold/Pink | $40

(Instead of Deux Lux Sequin, some boxes include DEUX LUX Mercury Wristlet in Gold or Gunmetal | $55)


*RMS Beauty Lip Shine is made with kind and ethically harvested beeswax that supports Save The Bees initiative which helps the cross pollination of bees and does not use chemicals or pesticides.

Personalize your box! Choose between RMS Beauty Lip Shine and Lippy Girl lipstick (vegan)! Email us at [email protected] if you’d prefer Lippy Girl.

A portion of proceeds from this box supports our charity partner, Farm Sanctuary.

Eco. Natural. Healthy. Cruelty Free. Curated with Love.

5 Must-Have Healthy Apps

Apps can do way more than keep us entertained by cute animal videos and brightly colored games. But in an endless sea of them, finding useful and well-executed apps is like finding that needle in the digital haystack! As always, we’re here to help with magnifying glass in hand – read on for our list of five free apps to help hack the hard stuff in your life!


Headspace describes itself as a “gym membership for the mind.” Scared of meditation? Try it out with the free “Take Ten” 10-day program that takes just—you guessed it—10 minutes a day and promises to deliver less stress and better sleep. If you like what you experience, a subscription gets you access to guided and non-guided practices that can help you focus on areas of health, performance, relationships or applying mindfulness to daily activities. And although it may seem a little antithetical to track your meditation “progress,” the HEADSPACE app can also help you do that, too—and gives rewards for good behavior.



The no-frills Yoga Studio app delivers a comprehensive practice through 20, 40 or 60 minute classes. Set to the sound of ocean waves, the verbal cues might be a little brisk for a new yogi, and the video demo is downright strange—carpeted room, no mat, weirdly placed potted plants—but the pose combinations are classic and well executed for all levels. Did we mention it’s free?



You could get a personal trainer, or you could just install Skimble Workout Trainer on your phone and cut to the chase. Download the app and enter limited information about you and your fitness habits, and the app tailors workouts to help you achieve your goals. Following voice prompts—with video support—to build a program consistent with your fitness equipment and time constraints. You can even add workouts to your calendar! And best of all, there’s no annoying background music to distract from the pain.



Happy Cow app is for the vegan foodie in all of us. Similar in concept to Yelp, Happy Cow takes filtering a step further by listing only restaurants and stores that are Vegan, Vegetarian, or with Veg-Options.



There are too many how-to beauty apps to count. But what really matters is what’s in the products that are making your perfect smoky eye and contoured cheek. And that’s where the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep app comes in. Search by product name and a rating pops up based on the number of potentially toxic chemicals on its ingredients list. Wondering what that multisyllabic ingredient is in your favorite body lotion? Query that, too. And best of all, when you’re in a store, you can use your phone to scan a product’s bar code and receive information in seconds. Now that’s what we call an informed consumer.



Co-founded by L.A. eco-entrepreneurs Katie Bogue Miller and Justine Lassoff, previously of LovingEco, LOVE GOODLY ( launched in beta in August 2015 as a first of its kind expertly researched and curated bi-monthly subscription box service and e-commerce platform for discovering the best LUXURY 100% non-toxic, non-gmo, cruelty free and vegan products for your lifestyle – beauty, wellness, snacks and skincare – including its own exclusively made products.

Katie and I developed LOVE GOODLY with a simple idea — you can vote with your wallet for more conscious brands. As advocates of nontoxic lifestyle products, giving back and shopping efficiently, we created LOVE GOODLY — putting a twist on the business of ‘feeling good’ by combining lifestyle subscription boxes and social consciousness,” said cofounder Justine Lassoff.

Each LOVE GOODLY box includes five to seven carefully sourced full-size, deluxe products – including EXCLUSIVE items – in a wide from companies such as Go Raw, SW Basics, Hurraw!, RMS Beauty, Dogeared Jewelry and ALOHA. Furthering the company’s mission to live a healthier life, LOVE GOODLY gives back to an annual Cause Partner with every purchase. Five percent of proceeds from each box and product sold in 2016 will benefit Cure Cervical Cancer or Farm Sanctuary.

Consumers can opt for a bi-monthly subscription or visit to shop for their favorite luxury and select exclusive products. LOVE GOODLY carefully researches and selects its brands and labels them with 12 value icons based on their attributes, such as gluten-free and organic, so it’s easy to shop by need. Skincare and beauty products are vegan and cruelty-free and all products are reviewed to ensure they are toxin free. The company additionally selects style accessories and home products with a range of attributes from fair trade made by workers and artisans around the world by supporting fair wages to companies using more natural, organic or recycled materials.

LOVE GOODLY boxes make it easy to discover the best luxurious non-toxic products & are available in various subscriptions: bimonthly ($39.95, with a current retail value at $86 for Feb/March); 6 month subscription ($99, 3 boxes) or an annual subscription ($198, 6 boxes). Or, just shop the hottest luxury eco products one by one at the LOVE GOODLY Shop including exclusive products specially made for LOVE GOODLY.

With each purchase, we support a cause — including Farm Sanctuary that supports compassionate living and Cure Cervical Cancer that supports early detection of cervical cancer for women who need it most. LOVE GOODLY wants our customers to enjoy the surprise of each box, curated with love and delivered to their doorstep, so they can discover and support brands that will have a positive impact on the world,” said Bogue Miller, cofounder.

Discover your toxin-free lifestyle at



Katie Bogue Miller (left) and Justine Lassoff (right) have been influential presences in the eco-wellness space for many years.

LOVE GOODLY Co-Founders Justine Lassoff
and Katie Bogue Miller were founding team members of LovingEco, a flash sales online marketplace for eco-friendly fashion and natural beauty products that was acquired one year after it launched in 2011. Stanford graduate Justine Lassoff has more than fifteen years of marketing experience including acting as Vice President at idealab! Startup backed by Kleiner Perkins, MGM Interactive and Virgin Interactive, and Cofounder of Tuesdaynights, a premier women’s networking community. Partner Katie Bogue Miller is a graduate of FIDM and has twelve years of fashion merchandising, ecommerce and retail store management experience including Free People and LF Stores, and is a passionate entrepreneur who has been on the founding team of four startups.

The company is funded by influential angel investor and Machinima chairman Allen DeBevoise. “I really like the concept, the company, the cause and the founders as key drivers of what will be a double win — a financial win as well as doing something positive,” DeBevoise said.

Other notable team members include founding CTO Payam Zarabi who is also cofounder of Daily Look, the online fashion retailer funded by Upfront Ventures and Rachel Zoe.


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