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LOVE GOODLY Interview With KINDri’s Founder!

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Aesthetician to the stars, Robin McDonald sits down with our co-founder Justine to share the most common mistake women make in their beauty routine, her beauty routine and why it’s so important to really pay attention what you’re putting on your face.

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LOVE GOODLY co-founder Justine Lassoff interviews Robin McDonald, the Founder and creator of KINDri.


Choosing Compassion – Get To Know Our Partners at Farm Sanctuary


Follow the adventures of rescued piglets on The Daily Squeal

Get to know Farm Sanctuary’s Wendy Matthews who – through her roles as our Event Coordinator, Education and Outreach Manager, and now as Manager of Engagement Strategy – connects people with the resources they need to make more compassionate choices for themselves, animals, and the planet.

What inspired you to work for Farm Sanctuary? What is your role?

I first applied here after reading Gene Baur’s book, Farm Sanctuary. I am currently Manager of Engagement Strategy.

Why did you choose to work for a nonprofit?

I wanted go to bed each night leaving the world a little better than I found it in the morning.

What is most fulfilling about your job?

Empowering people to see past misleading information and live true to their values. And through this shift, helping animals.

What career advice do you have for girls or young women?

Remove the word “just” from your vocabulary. Stop saying “I just want to suggest” or “just a thought.” Stop apologizing for having a voice.

Rescued lamb Romy. Follow his adventures on The Daily Squeal.

Who is one of your favorites at Animal Acres?

Acton: Jimmy the Snout! He has a crooked nose and a giant heart. I’m in love.

Other: Our two rescued chickens, April and Beetle, who were adopted from Farm Sanctuary.

Can you share any future plans in the works at Farm Sanctuary?

Keep a close eye on, our plant-based living site, for exciting new recipes and videos.

What do you like doing on your time off?

I like to write, hike, read, grow things, and cook vegan feasts for those I love. Always studying something- right now, web development and banjo!

What are you most proud of regarding Farm Sanctuary’s accomplishments?

Whenever we can inspire someone to eat a plant instead of an animal through tours, stories, or education, that is a major victory.

Follow the adventures of Jimmy the Pig at Animals of Farm Sanctuary.

Alicia Silverstone (our April/May box guest curator) has been a long-time supporter and advocate of Farm Sanctuary, how has her involvement help bring awareness?

Alicia has been in our corner for so long and has helped us become what we are today. Whether it’s filming a PSA, signing a petition, or submitting a favorite recipe to, Alicia is always willing to step up and be the voice for animals. We love her!

What is your favorite city? Restaurant? 

City: New Orleans

Restaurant: Right now I’m in love with Ramen Hood at Grand Central market in LA, for the soup and the people watching. For a special occasion, I like Gracias Madre.

 If you could have dinner with 4 people (living or past) who would they be?

Oh, I could overthink this. So, just in this moment, off of the top of my head:

Jorge Luis Borges

Edward Abbey

Gram Parsons

Walt Whitman

It would be a weird dinner party.

For more about Wendy’s role at Farm Sanctuary visit their blog.


And while you’re at it, keep a close eye on, Farm Sanctuary’s plant-based living site, for exciting new recipes and videos!



Guest Editor: Top Youtube Vlogger, Cornelia Grimsmo!

Meet Cornelia. Photo: Instagram @grimcorn

While you’re wearing green and hunting down four-leaf clovers this month, LOVE GOODLY is here to bring you a guest editor who knows a thing or two about creating your own luck. Her beauty and brains may have you thinking that she’s just #blessed, but actress, model, and vegan advocate Cornelia Grimsmo is completely responsible for her own mega success as a vegan social media personality, and she recently put in the work to add a new title to her belt: author. 

Cornelia’s e-book “How to Build Your Inner Home” is a culmination of the big-sisterly lifestyle advice that brought her to YouTube fame, and created a loyal, ardent fanbase across Instagram, Tumblr, and beyond. So put down that leprechaun and read on while we chat with Cornelia about her favorite things, the best thing that’s happened to her this year, how she feels most confident, and what makes her feel lucky.

Best thing that’s happened to you this year?
-“It’s not about what happens to you, but what you make happen for yourself – I finally published my first e-book!”

What do you want to happen to you this month?
-“I want to move back to LA.”

Cornelia spends her time between LA and Norway. Photo: Instagram @grimcorn

Three things that are always in your bag? 

-“My phone, some kind of fruit or energy bar and a notebook.”
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Two things you always splurge on?
-“Food and scented candles.”
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I can’t get enough of

-“Videos of baby animals being cute.”

Cornelia with her dog Sunday. Photo: Instagram @grimcorn

What is your perfect meal?

-“Lots of veggies, noodles and sweet chili saus -YUM!”

What makes you feel most confident?

-“Being aware of my core values. Turning vegan made me more confident. It doesn’t matter if people judge me, cause I know living a vegan lifestyle makes a difference for the better.”

Setting intentions is important! Buy a matching Dogeared “Make a Wish” Bracelet. Photo: Instagram @grimcorn

What makes you feel lucky?
– “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. I’m making a choice to work hard and put myself out there every day. Having that choice makes me feel lucky.”

You may recognize Cornelia from our Eco Beauty Brunch, where she shared with us her favorite gifts to give and receive: The Cellar Door Tokyo Citrus Candle, and the Dogeared Curved Tube Necklace!

While visiting, she also had her makeup done by green beauty expert and author of “The Green Beauty Rules”, Paige Padgett.


PRESS RELEASE: Alicia Silverstone Guest Curates For Earth Day



LOVE GOODLYthe expertly researched and curated subscription box service and e-commerce shop for discovering the best luxury, 100% nontoxic, cruelty free and vegan products for your lifestyle, has partnered with Alicia Silverstone, actress, NY Times best-selling author, health advocate, to guest curate their April/May box, with a retail value of over $110, to celebrate Earth Day,April 22nd! A portion of all proceeds will benefit the nonprofit Farm Sanctuary’s work to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living.

“I’m delighted to collaborate with the leading vegan, 100% nontoxic subscription box LOVE GOODLY!  I am guest curating this special Earth Month (April/May) box supporting Farm Sanctuary whom I love and have worked with for 20 years. The products I selected are truly great!  These are some of my faves, and all uphold my standards of being vegan, cruelty free and earth conscious,” said Alicia Silverstone.

By switching to a plant-based, vegan lifestyle, did you know that we can reduce our food-related carbon footprint by 60%, saving 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year? Raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks in the world combined!  

With the help of LOVE GOODLY and favorites from Alicia, discover the best products for a more eco lifestyle -from beauty and skincare, to snacks and style accessories- that are both good for you and the environment.

Here’s a sneak peek into the April/May LOVE GOODLY box, curated with love by Alicia Silverstone: 

  • mykind B12 Vitamin Spray, Value $16.95 – created by Alicia Silverstone in collaboration with Garden of Life. This all vegan, 100% certified USDA organic, Non-GMO project verified raspberry mouth spray promotes concentration, energy and the formation of healthy blood cells. It is also gluten free and there are no synthetic binders or fillers. It is made from real food.
  • ZAO Organic Makeup, Organic Volume Mascara, Value $35
  • OSEA, Atmosphere Protection Cream, Value $48
  • And more surprises!

“Katie and I developed LOVE GOODLY, with a simple idea — vote with your wallet for conscious brands, so it was a natural fit to align with Alicia who is a leader in the kind movement,” said cofounder Justine Lassoff.

The April/May Box costs $39.95, with a retail value of over $110. You may also opt for a 6 month subscription ($99, 3 boxes) or annual subscription ($198, 6 boxes) to receive a surprise at your doorstep every other month. 


Launched August 2015LOVE GOODLY is the expertly researched and curated subscription box service and e-commerce shop for discovering the best luxury, 100% non-toxic, cruelty free, non-gmo, and vegan products for your lifestyle – beauty, wellness, skincare and snacks – including exclusive products.  Products are full-size with organic boxes, and every product gives back to a Cause Partner.  


Destin Judy
remarq | office: 310.479.2211 | cell: 859.913.6983 | [email protected]

Scary Toxins Hidden in Your Beauty Routine

Beauty companies don’t make it easy to know exactly what you’re using on your face, body, and hair. The average US woman uses 12 personal care products a day, including 168 different chemicals, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). And did you know our government does not require studies or testing on personal care products?

It’s up to us to see through the fog and know what we are allowing to absorb into our pores and follicles when we use these products!

Just one study found most makeup tested was contaminated with heavy metals like lead, while another found that the most commonly used preservative, paraben, is shown be linked to breast cancer. Europe has banned over 1300 chemicals from beauty and personal care products, while the US has only banned 11 ingredients.

So how do you steer clear of toxins your makeup, skincare and personal care?

With the LOVE GOODLY Subscription Box, products are vetted for you to ensure you the best non-toxic beauty, skincare, and personal care brands. The LOVE GOODLY subscription box service helps you discover nontoxic beauty, skincare and personal care products delivered to your door.


Each box contains up to 5 full size products valued over $85.

A mix of beauty, skincare and personal care. We throw in a healthy snack, wellness product and home or style accessory.

We vet and research to ensure they’re nontoxic and cruelty free.

Delivered every other month to your doorstep.

Shipping now, get your LOVE GOODLY Subscription Box. Packed with 5 full size products including 3 personal care, beauty and skincare.

Choose from bimonthly subscription (1 box every other month), 6 month (3 boxes) or 12 month (6 month).


For more information on toxins in your beauty routine, click here.

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