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Guest Editor: YouTube’s Cruelty-free Beauty Expert, Leticia Costa

You, too, can look this flawless without the big-name products that test on animals. Photo from Instagram: @xoloveleti

You might think you’ve finished Spring Cleaning, but are you sure you haven’t missed a spot in your beauty cabinet? Popular brands and common products could be lurking there that are harmful to your health, the environment, and animals they are tested on. Our May guest editor, YouTube vegan beauty star xoloveleti, is here to help! An expert in all things vegan and cruelty-free, Leti’s combination of integrity, approachability, and on-fleek everything make her YouTube channel and Facebook group a top destination for product reviews and beauty advice. Here she shares with us her three dirty products you need to ditch ASAP, fave resources for vegan veterans and rookies alike (including a must-have checklist!), and all that’s in between.

– First three products in a makeup kit to switch out for cruelty-free ASAP:

I am a firm believer in a balancing act with makeup for those not quite ready to take the fully “green” beauty collection plunge- and going cruelty-free is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

I would definitely start with your foundation, mascara and lipstick. I can get away with wearing just that most days, and there are endless vegan and nontoxic options that can work for anyone! I personally swear by the Illuminare foundation as there are formulas to suit any skin-type as well as great undertones. You can find gorgeous vegocentric lipsticks BY LIPPY GIRL in the LOVE GOODLY shop that add just the right amount of tint and moisture to your lips, as well as the Juice Beauty lash defining mascara (I’m dying to try their new products, including the foundation! You just can’t go wrong with JB).

Start your cruelty-free journey off right with a perfectly pink pout! Pictured: Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipstick in Hot Diggity Yam 

Healthy and ethical beauty is so easy, it’s nothing to bat an eyelash at! But go right ahead with this Juice Beauty Mascara.

– Favorite stops for cruelty-free and vegan info:

I definitely use as my beauty bible. I do not trust anyone else’s list/certification process more than LH’s! It’s holy grail. The blog is also filled with vegan lists and more. Of course I must shamelessly plug my awesome Facebook group Bunny Lifestyle where like-minded cruelty-free people everywhere join in a positive space to help one another and participate in giveaways, swaps and more. My close friend Katie Petix helps me run it and is a huge reason why it is still alive today.

I also have a 30 days to cruelty-free pdf which you can find on that I created after years of experience in becoming cruelty-free and finding a good balance that (hopefully) doesn’t overwhelm others! I definitely plan on doing a shoutout video on my channel soon to showcase more awesome creators!


Find Leti on Youtube:

– Something you always run out of: 

I’m going to answer with what I am always SCARED to run out of that I repurchase the most, which is my brow pencil. I am scared to leave the house without having my Anastasia Brow Wiz ready to give my face some life. As a child of the 90s, I suffered through the unfortunate overpluckyourbrowsaritis syndrome, and my sparse (already light) brows now suffer for it. Thanks to the pencil it now takes me seconds to create the brows I’ve always dreamed of, and I love having fun trying out different shapes & techniques!

– Lately you’re always:


I’m hungry right now. Seriously. I’m going through an awkward stage of moving out, where a kitchen isn’t easily accessible and a few lunches have consisted of french fries and pickles (no, I’m not pregnant!). I can’t even begin to talk about how much the Purely Elizabeth muesli in my previous LOVE GOODLY box saved my life. It was so, and I mean SO yummy and nutritious but low maintenance.


– Your morning routine in four words:

Minimalistic, refreshing, reflective, and……… coffee (I’m just not a morning person).

Refresh your own mornings with a light facial cleanser, like Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Facial Cleanser!

– Guilty pleasure you’ll never give up:

Gilmore Girls, Britney Spears, and those OHMYGODYES vegan dark truffles from Nicobella LOVE GOODLY blessed me with. Oh. My. Glob.


– I’m in love with:

My rescued cat Waffle, snapchat, liquid lipsticks, great thrift scores (I officially sound like a hipster but LET ME LIVE MY BASIC LIFE OK), and… VEGAN DARK TRUFFLES! Oh and LOVE GOODLY, of course 😉 No, seriously. I love LOVE GOODLY.

LOVE GOODLY interview with NOVICA Chief Executive Roberto Milk

Co-founder and Chief Executive of NOVICA Roberto Milk took inspiration from his missionary grandmother, and turned that into a company that has now raised over $65 million dollars in support of artisans around the world. According to the NOVICA website, many artists “don’t have the means to sell their work on the international market. NOVICA gives them a free platform to do this, and reach customers on a global scale.”

Roberto is changing that and changing the world in the process! Follow the jump to learn more about NOVICA’s Co-Founder!

What inspired you to start NOVICA?
My Peruvian grandmother was an artisan and my American grandmother was a missionary.  My parents who were both teachers would pack myself, my brother, my best friend, my cousins and my grandmothers into a VW van and we’d travel all over Latin America.  I daydreamed of Indiana Jones, collected a lot of rare and questionable souvenirs, and witnessed talented artisans in challenging circumstances.  NOVICA is deeply embedded in those roots. 
What was one of your biggest challenges in the beginning, as an entrepreneur?

In the beginning, I had overwhelming passion for my cause – but not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. I neglected basic – but very important – people and things, like taking time to eat a meal. Now, I’m all about balance.

How does social good factor into your company’s mission?

NOVICA directly connects customers with artisans, creating an engaging and positive marketplace environment. Our products meet the highest ethical and eco standards around.
What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Have passion in what you do. You will eat, breathe, sleep your work – so you better believe in your cause.

Why did you choose to partner with LOVE GOODLY?

Our missions align closely. Given the choice and knowledge, we believe customers will choose an ethically-made, top quality product over a factory made one.

Meet Jimmy the Snout

Jimmy is just one of the many animals given a second chance at Farm Sanctuary.

At LOVE GOODLY we like to practice what we preach. That’s why it seemed like a no-brainer to adopt an animal living at Farm Sanctuary – one of our charity partners! 

According to Farm Sanctuary, “Jimmy the Snout … belonged to a homeless man who surrendered him to Ventura Animal Control. While [they] don’t how the man got Jimmy, they did know that he had atrophic rhinitis – a bacterial disease which causes inflammation and atrophy of the nasal tissue and like in Jimmy’s case often deforms the snout of the pig. Pigs with this disease require special care and they are often killed by farmers, who see them as an economic loss.” 

At LOVE GOODLY we don’t see him as a loss at all – we love the character his crooked nose gives him!

While we all decided that Jimmy is probably not destined for life in our office in Downtown Los Angeles, he’s only an hour’s drive outside of the city and we’re able to visit him as  much as we want! (Be prepared for the assured onslaught of pictures!)

Jimmy’s favorite food is bagels and we’re told when he’s not eating, he loves cuddling with his favorite blanket and making new friends that come to visit him at Farm Sanctuary. 

You can learn more about Jimmy and his friends here and check out Farm Sanctuary’s website here

MIND BODY GREEN – The Founders Of LOVE GOODLY Share Their Natural Beauty Routines

As founders of LOVE GOODLY, a subscription box service and online shop, Katie Bogue Miller and Justine Lassoff research and vet new eco, cruelty-free beauty and personal care products. Here’s what these busy Los Angeles–based moms use in their typical daily routines when they are not trying out new brands.


 “My beauty routine includes eating healthy by following a plant-based diet, drinking water with lemon daily, playing with my son and dog, and trying to get as much exercise as possible. I go for hikes on the weekend and to the gym on Fridays.” Justine

To read more about our co-founder’s beauty routines, check out her feature here!