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Cause Good: Beagle Freedom Project


With soulful eyes and the sweetest dispositions, Beagles are among the most immediately lovable creatures on the planet. Yet many companies see their gentle and tolerant nature not as lovable, but as easy to exploit, and this has resulted in Beagles becoming one of the most popular victims of animal testing.

One of LOVE GOODLY‘s cause partners, Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), is dedicated to freeing Beagles and their other furry friends from laboratories around the world, helping them find the loving homes they deserve. The founder of BFP, Shannon Keith, gave us an exclusive look into how she was inspired to begin this project, and so much more.


What inspired you to start the Beagle Freedom Project?

I have always advocated for the release of animals from laboratories and for an end to animal experimentation all together. Testing on animals is not only ethically repulsive, but is harmful to humans. I started a non-profit animal advocacy organization in 2004 called ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education) whose mission is to educate and rescue. In 2010 when I had the opportunity to rescues beagles from a laboratory, I saw this as a chance to begin a full-fledged mission against animal testing.The first rescue of Bigsby and Freedom sparked what is now Beagle Freedom Project.

What is most fulfilling about your job?

Being able to rescue animals who would otherwise be killed without Beagle Freedom Project and knowing that we are changing the world one paw print at a time.


What is the most challenging thing about your job?

My job is amazing but is bittersweet. It is a constant battle against the bio-med industry to work to replace animals in testing. The industry does not want information in the public domain about animal testing – specifically, they don’t want us talking about dogs being used in testing. They misrepresent us constantly and try to place barriers on what we do, such as fighting against out very tame Beagle Freedom Bill. Additionally, being able to rescue a group of dogs is awesome, but knowing that we have to leave some behind because labs refuse to release them is very difficult.

What career advice do you have for someone starting a non-profit?

Have a singular mission and flush it out before starting. Non-profits are amazing but they are also a lot of work. Even the smallest of organizations require the not-so-fun stuff like paperwork, accounting, and management. Have a team ready of people you trust and start with a healthy budget. Running a non-profit may be the best thing you ever do, but how you start sometimes dictates how successful you will be in your mission.


Where is your favorite place in the world to getaway/vacation?

Mexico and London (that’s 2, sorry!)

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Follow your heart and the rest will follow.

What is your favorite food/drink?



Want to help out in your own way? One impactful way is to go cruelty-free and vegan with your products. If you’d like some ideas, feel free to check out the LOVE GOODLY shop!

Behind the Brand: Orglamix


We’ve all felt like a one-woman show at one point (or many) in our lives, and Orglamix founder Cheri Tracy is no stranger to the feeling. Running Orglamix all on her own, growing it from Etsy eyeshadow shop to a full-fledged e-commerce store with over 600 offerings, Cheri is our go-to gal for tips on how to really have it all. We were so impressed with this all nontoxic, vegan, cruelty-free line, hand-crafted in small batches, that we curated Orglamix in our February/March 2017 box.

What inspired you to start Orglamix?
I was on bed rest with my daughter. I was so bored one day, I stated googling the ingredients for every product in my makeup bag. I was appalled that my “natural” foundation contained 47 ingredients. The majority of products contained cheap fillers, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, petrochemicals, phthalates, etc. I was determined to make a better product. I started with the basics and launched 12 shades of eyeshadow on Etsy. They sold out within hours. It confirmed that other people were looking for the same thing, I wanted: clean beauty products.

How do you balance work and family? Any tips for our readers?
This is a constant struggle for me. Since I love hard work and what I do so much, I’m happy working 16 hour days. It’s not healthy. As a mom and an entrepreneur, the struggle is real. I work and volunteer at school, work lunchroom, make beds, wash and fold oodles of laundry, homework, dinner, sports, etc. I used to be in a constant state of ‘overwhelmed’. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace the chaos and compartmentalize things. I work on one challenge or project for a short period of time. I focus and get as much done in the scheduled time. When the time is up, I close the compartment and move on. I’ve learned to give myself grace. Perfectionism is evil. I remind myself sometimes ‘good’ is good enough. I also think it’s really important to schedule daily me-time — even if it’s only ten minutes.


What is the most challenging part of your business?
Saying NO! I’m a people pleaser. I want to make everyone happy. I want to do everything and not miss out on any opportunities. This leads to a struggle with anything that derails my focus. I’m improving. I’ve learned that saying NO to something today, doesn’t mean NO forever. It usually leads to be big YES in the future.

What is the most fun part about your business?
I enjoy everything; from working on the website and packing and pulling order, but my passion is creating new products and colors. I also get a lot of joy chatting with customers.


Which of your products is your favorite?
My top three favorites: #1 Illume Luminizer for a gorgeous glow that never looks overdone. #2 Whole Grain Self Adjusting Foundation. It feels like you’re not wearing foundation and smooths fine lines, blurs shadows and imperfections, so skin glows with good health. #3 Azeliac Acid. I created this for my twelve year old daughter who was dealing with spot acne and seborrheic dermatitis around her nose. She was so self conscious. We tried every treatment under the sun; including a $300 salve from the dermatologist and $200 gel from her doctor– nothing helped. After using this for a few days, I saw big improvement. I started using it. I feel my skin is brighter and clearer.

What is the importance of clean beauty for you? for the company?
Many personal care and beauty ingredients have not been evaluated by the FDA. The majority of products we apply to our skin is absorbed by our bodies. For many chemicals, a single exposure is unlikely to cause serious harm, but over time, small doses add up. It’s important to educate yourself on ingredients. Read labels. Buy cruelty-free.

What is your daily routine (or maybe first thing you do in the morning)?
The first thing I do in the morning is meditate. I use this cool app called HeadSpace. If I don’t use it my mind goes a million miles a minute.

Favorite food?

My favorite food is anything my husband cooks. I especially love when he makes brussel spouts or potato and cheese perogies. Wine. Does wine count?

Making Sure Your Jewelry Is Ethical


Jewelry is often given as a symbol of love and gratitude, but the industry practices behind many popular brands represent the opposite of these ideals. Gemstones and gold mining are entrenched in human and environmental abuses, while processes made to protect against these violations can be secretly circumvented.

The current mainstream certification processes, like the Kimberley Process, have been found to be easily exploited and undermined. Non-profit watchdog group Swedwatch reports the prevalence of child labor and abuse in diamond mines, as well as exposure to disease and physical hazards for both children and adults.  According to the Washington Post, “The mining watchdog group Earthworks estimates that a standard 18-karat wedding band leaves behind 20 tons of ore and waste rock.” They go on to report that gold production releases hazardous chemicals and metals such as arsenic, cyanide, and mercury.

So how can we personally ensure that we put our dollars behind ethical companies? One surefire way is to shop smaller, and to look for terms such as “handmade”, “recycled base metals”, “fair trade”, and “certified B-corporation”. Here are some conscious brands we have worked with:

Durrah Jewellery


Both chic and kind, Durrah apprenticed with Jimmy Choo and was trained at Tiffany & Co. before striking out on her own to make fair trade, vegan, recycled jewelry using sustainable practices. Pictured is the exclusive Durrah Jewellery x LOVE GOODLY logo necklace in a rose gold shade that we featured in the Aug/Sept edition of our subscription box as well as in our shop.



Novica is an entire online collection dedicated to sourcing a wide range of goods from local artisans all over the world, many of whom live in developing countries. For more Novica, check out our exclusive interview with their Chief Executive here, or find them on LOVE GOODLY, where we carry a gift set created in collaboration with them. We’ve also featured their earrings in the June/July edition of our subscription box!

Christy Robinson


Christy Robinson is a jewelry designer and activist, based in Dallas, Texas. Using eco-friendly designs with recycled metals, each piece makes a statement on human, animal, environmental issues. She currently gives a portion of proceeds to earth, animal, or people-friendly charities. We carry some of her eco-friendly creations in our shop!

We often wear jewelry as an expression of our personal style, and even when we gift it to others, it is representative of our tastes and what we choose to patronize. These trinkets are so much easier to treasure when we know we’re also treasuring the lives of the people and planet that made them.

What Makes Some Nail Polish Toxic?


Every new year comes with a new resolve to improve our lives, but people often see this as a huge undertaking and may feel overwhelmed! The key, we’ve found, is to take small steps – one foot in front of the other, enjoying each moment as you go.

For this first step, let’s actually look at our feet, and hands too! Nail polish is many ladies’ way of feeling more put together, but it also contains some of the most harmful chemicals found in cosmetics. A recent study done by the Environmental Wellness Group (EWG) and researchers at Duke University found a sevenfold increase of a chemical called Diphenyl Phosphate (DPHP) in womens’ bodies just 10-14 hours after applying nail polish. DPHP forms in the body when it metabolizes Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP), an ingredient found in flame retardant, and more than 1,500 popular nail polishes. These chemicals are known to cause damage to the endocrine system, yet are found in a product very frequently used by people of all ages, especially teenagers.

The most prevalent toxins in your usual drugstore and makeup counter finds are the “Big 7”: DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, and xylene. These are known to disrupt endocrine systems (even between pregnant mothers and their unborn children), cause skin and respiratory irritation, and have possible links to certain cancers.

There are thankfully many nail polish companies that have opted to go “7-Free” and create alternative formulas for their nail lacquers, but these can be difficult to find among the huge selection of polishes out there. We’ve rounded up some of our tried-and-tested favorites:


LVX: Latin for “light”, their collections’ colors are inspired by the most chic runway trends every season.

LVX polishes can be found on our site, and have been featured in past LOVE GOODLY boxes! The shade “True LOVE Red” (not pictured) is a custom shade created exclusively for LOVE GOODLY and can only be found in the LOVE GOODLY Shop.


Pacifica: Their huge selection of beauty products are all fun, whimsical, and ethical through and through.

We plan to add Pacifica Beauty products to our shop soon, so stay in the loop on our Instagram or Facebook!


Côte: Made by the experts, Côte even has its own salon location!

Côte was featured in our recent, sold-out December/January edition of the LOVE GOODLY Subscription box.

Here at LOVE GOODLY, we are all about encouraging people to feel their best by helping them love themselves, others, and the planet. As we kick off 2017, we’d love to share more information about ways to feel cleaner, greener, and more kind. Let’s clean up your beauty routine in more ways than one! Not only will your cosmetics kit feel the lighter for it, but your body will too.