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LOVE GOODLY interview with NOVICA Chief Executive Roberto Milk

Co-founder and Chief Executive of NOVICA Roberto Milk took inspiration from his missionary grandmother, and turned that into a company that has now raised over $65 million dollars in support of artisans around the world. According to the NOVICA website, many artists “don’t have the means to sell their work on the international market. NOVICA gives them a free platform to do this, and reach customers on a global scale.”

Roberto is changing that and changing the world in the process! Follow the jump to learn more about NOVICA’s Co-Founder!

What inspired you to start NOVICA?
My Peruvian grandmother was an artisan and my American grandmother was a missionary.  My parents who were both teachers would pack myself, my brother, my best friend, my cousins and my grandmothers into a VW van and we’d travel all over Latin America.  I daydreamed of Indiana Jones, collected a lot of rare and questionable souvenirs, and witnessed talented artisans in challenging circumstances.  NOVICA is deeply embedded in those roots. 
What was one of your biggest challenges in the beginning, as an entrepreneur?

In the beginning, I had overwhelming passion for my cause – but not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. I neglected basic – but very important – people and things, like taking time to eat a meal. Now, I’m all about balance.

How does social good factor into your company’s mission?

NOVICA directly connects customers with artisans, creating an engaging and positive marketplace environment. Our products meet the highest ethical and eco standards around.
What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Have passion in what you do. You will eat, breathe, sleep your work – so you better believe in your cause.

Why did you choose to partner with LOVE GOODLY?

Our missions align closely. Given the choice and knowledge, we believe customers will choose an ethically-made, top quality product over a factory made one.

LOVE GOODLY Interview With KINDri’s Founder!

All three of our favorite KINDri products can be found in our shop!

Aesthetician to the stars, Robin McDonald sits down with our co-founder Justine to share the most common mistake women make in their beauty routine, her beauty routine and why it’s so important to really pay attention what you’re putting on your face.

Follow the jump to learn more about Robin!

LOVE GOODLY co-founder Justine Lassoff interviews Robin McDonald, the Founder and creator of KINDri.


LOVE GOODLY Interview With Plus Ultra’s Founder!

Yellow with envy? Don’t be, you can get a Plus Ultra Hello Gorgeous toothbrush of your very own in our shop!

Do you love hearing stories about empowered women starting their own businesses with the aim of doing good for the planet and other people? How about stories of how an enterprising college student put in the work and emerged a few years later with a thriving startup?

Something tells me you’re into all of the above, in which case you absolutely have to see our interview with Christina Ramirez, the founder of Plus Ultra toothbrushes (one of which was featured in our Holiday edition box!) Follow the jump to learn more about Plus Ultra and the initiative to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans and elsewhere.

LOVE GOODLY Editorial Director Rachel Sarnoff interviews Christina Ramirez, the Founder and CEO of Plus Ultra.

Cult Candles Go Vegan

Did you ever wonder what goes into making a candle? We did, too. To launch Inside Goods, where we explore what goes into making the conscious brands we’re obsessed with, we met up with the founder of Cellar Door Candles in Huntington Beach, CA, one of our featured brands, to get the scoop on the alchemy that is candle-making. 

Because as we all know, there’s something magical about the miraculous combination of three fairly basic elements: wax, wick and scent. The perfect candle can transform a table into a celebration, a shelf into an altar, a bath into a spa—and a bedroom into a boudoir.

For centuries, candles were used to bring beautiful light into darkness. But many brought some not-so-pretty elements, too. Leaded wicks (now banned in the U.S.) and petroleum-based paraffin wax emit particulate matter that can pollute the air. Synthetic fragrances can be made up of hundreds of chemicals, many of which are highly hazardous when inhaled. You think smog is bad? Try lighting a poorly made candle and see how quickly you start to cough.

But we’re nixing all that nastiness. Made exclusively for LOVE GOODLY, Cellar Door’s vegan candles are scented with essential oils blended into pure, natural coconut and soy wax, and topped with an unbleached cotton wick.

Justine and I had so much fun creating the exclusive LOVE GOODLY Hyacinth fragrance! We spent about an hour identifying the pure essential oils we liked best and then experimenting with different blends until we found the perfect scent: A luxurious, clean floral with rustic green notes, topped with spikes of heather and a heart-note bouquet of hyacinth and gardenia. Close your eyes and inhale: It’s like walking through the English moors into a warm and sensual French garden.

Each Cellar Door candle is hand-poured with love and in addition to our beloved Hyacinth, LOVE GOODLY is also proud to offer vegan versions of their most popular scents: Tokyo Citrus and French Lavender. Seriously, we love these candles so much we have them burning in every room!

Do you know what’s in your candles? Tell us about it, in comments!