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Cause Good: Beagle Freedom Project


With soulful eyes and the sweetest dispositions, Beagles are among the most immediately lovable creatures on the planet. Yet many companies see their gentle and tolerant nature not as lovable, but as easy to exploit, and this has resulted in Beagles becoming one of the most popular victims of animal testing.

One of LOVE GOODLY‘s cause partners, Beagle Freedom Project (BFP), is dedicated to freeing Beagles and their other furry friends from laboratories around the world, helping them find the loving homes they deserve. The founder of BFP, Shannon Keith, gave us an exclusive look into how she was inspired to begin this project, and so much more.


What inspired you to start the Beagle Freedom Project?

I have always advocated for the release of animals from laboratories and for an end to animal experimentation all together. Testing on animals is not only ethically repulsive, but is harmful to humans. I started a non-profit animal advocacy organization in 2004 called ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education) whose mission is to educate and rescue. In 2010 when I had the opportunity to rescues beagles from a laboratory, I saw this as a chance to begin a full-fledged mission against animal testing.The first rescue of Bigsby and Freedom sparked what is now Beagle Freedom Project.

What is most fulfilling about your job?

Being able to rescue animals who would otherwise be killed without Beagle Freedom Project and knowing that we are changing the world one paw print at a time.


What is the most challenging thing about your job?

My job is amazing but is bittersweet. It is a constant battle against the bio-med industry to work to replace animals in testing. The industry does not want information in the public domain about animal testing – specifically, they don’t want us talking about dogs being used in testing. They misrepresent us constantly and try to place barriers on what we do, such as fighting against out very tame Beagle Freedom Bill. Additionally, being able to rescue a group of dogs is awesome, but knowing that we have to leave some behind because labs refuse to release them is very difficult.

What career advice do you have for someone starting a non-profit?

Have a singular mission and flush it out before starting. Non-profits are amazing but they are also a lot of work. Even the smallest of organizations require the not-so-fun stuff like paperwork, accounting, and management. Have a team ready of people you trust and start with a healthy budget. Running a non-profit may be the best thing you ever do, but how you start sometimes dictates how successful you will be in your mission.


Where is your favorite place in the world to getaway/vacation?

Mexico and London (that’s 2, sorry!)

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Follow your heart and the rest will follow.

What is your favorite food/drink?



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Emily Deschanel Guest Curates for December/January Box Benefitting Farm Sanctuary!


We’ve partnered with actress, producer and animal rights supporter, Emily Deschanel, to curate an exclusive December/January subscription box just in time for the holidays.

“I am thrilled to co-curate this box with LOVE GOODLY to benefit Farm Sanctuary. These are some of my favorite vegan brands and products. Enjoy!” shares Emily Deschanel.

Long time vegan Emily Deschanel and LOVE GOODLY are helping women discover the best high-end products that are both good for your health and the environment with ingredients that are 100% organic, toxin-free and cruelty-free. Shipping on December 12th, the Dec/Jan Box features Emily’s top picks of deluxe, full-size beauty and lifestyle essentials, perfect for any woman on your gift list.

With each purchase benefitting Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, the LOVE GOODLY Box is the ultimate holiday gift for those looking to pay it forward during this season of charitable giving.

Meet Jimmy the Snout

Jimmy is just one of the many animals given a second chance at Farm Sanctuary.

At LOVE GOODLY we like to practice what we preach. That’s why it seemed like a no-brainer to adopt an animal living at Farm Sanctuary – one of our charity partners! 

According to Farm Sanctuary, “Jimmy the Snout … belonged to a homeless man who surrendered him to Ventura Animal Control. While [they] don’t how the man got Jimmy, they did know that he had atrophic rhinitis – a bacterial disease which causes inflammation and atrophy of the nasal tissue and like in Jimmy’s case often deforms the snout of the pig. Pigs with this disease require special care and they are often killed by farmers, who see them as an economic loss.” 

At LOVE GOODLY we don’t see him as a loss at all – we love the character his crooked nose gives him!

While we all decided that Jimmy is probably not destined for life in our office in Downtown Los Angeles, he’s only an hour’s drive outside of the city and we’re able to visit him as  much as we want! (Be prepared for the assured onslaught of pictures!)

Jimmy’s favorite food is bagels and we’re told when he’s not eating, he loves cuddling with his favorite blanket and making new friends that come to visit him at Farm Sanctuary. 

You can learn more about Jimmy and his friends here and check out Farm Sanctuary’s website here

Choosing Compassion – Get To Know Our Partners at Farm Sanctuary


Follow the adventures of rescued piglets on The Daily Squeal

Get to know Farm Sanctuary’s Wendy Matthews who – through her roles as our Event Coordinator, Education and Outreach Manager, and now as Manager of Engagement Strategy – connects people with the resources they need to make more compassionate choices for themselves, animals, and the planet.

What inspired you to work for Farm Sanctuary? What is your role?

I first applied here after reading Gene Baur’s book, Farm Sanctuary. I am currently Manager of Engagement Strategy.

Why did you choose to work for a nonprofit?

I wanted go to bed each night leaving the world a little better than I found it in the morning.

What is most fulfilling about your job?

Empowering people to see past misleading information and live true to their values. And through this shift, helping animals.

What career advice do you have for girls or young women?

Remove the word “just” from your vocabulary. Stop saying “I just want to suggest” or “just a thought.” Stop apologizing for having a voice.

Rescued lamb Romy. Follow his adventures on The Daily Squeal.

Who is one of your favorites at Animal Acres?

Acton: Jimmy the Snout! He has a crooked nose and a giant heart. I’m in love.

Other: Our two rescued chickens, April and Beetle, who were adopted from Farm Sanctuary.

Can you share any future plans in the works at Farm Sanctuary?

Keep a close eye on, our plant-based living site, for exciting new recipes and videos.

What do you like doing on your time off?

I like to write, hike, read, grow things, and cook vegan feasts for those I love. Always studying something- right now, web development and banjo!

What are you most proud of regarding Farm Sanctuary’s accomplishments?

Whenever we can inspire someone to eat a plant instead of an animal through tours, stories, or education, that is a major victory.

Follow the adventures of Jimmy the Pig at Animals of Farm Sanctuary.

Alicia Silverstone (our April/May box guest curator) has been a long-time supporter and advocate of Farm Sanctuary, how has her involvement help bring awareness?

Alicia has been in our corner for so long and has helped us become what we are today. Whether it’s filming a PSA, signing a petition, or submitting a favorite recipe to, Alicia is always willing to step up and be the voice for animals. We love her!

What is your favorite city? Restaurant? 

City: New Orleans

Restaurant: Right now I’m in love with Ramen Hood at Grand Central market in LA, for the soup and the people watching. For a special occasion, I like Gracias Madre.

 If you could have dinner with 4 people (living or past) who would they be?

Oh, I could overthink this. So, just in this moment, off of the top of my head:

Jorge Luis Borges

Edward Abbey

Gram Parsons

Walt Whitman

It would be a weird dinner party.

For more about Wendy’s role at Farm Sanctuary visit their blog.


And while you’re at it, keep a close eye on, Farm Sanctuary’s plant-based living site, for exciting new recipes and videos!



Get to know our charity partner, Cure Cervical Cancer

Cure Cervical Cancer’s Mission is to detect and prevent cervical cancer around the globe, by establishing and supporting permanent screening clinics worldwide. Photo by: Yvonne Neng

We all want to know where our donations go when supporting a cause, so allow us to introduce you to our new charity partner, Cure Cervical Cancer (CCC)!

We asked the questions and Dr. Jennifer Lang, Medical Director and Vice-Chair of the CCC Board, gave us the insightful answers that will leave you feeling like you found a good friend and an even better purpose to get behind.

What inspired you to become a doctor? 
I was always fascinated by the human body and naturally drawn to study it, heal it and take away pain.

Why did you switch to working for a nonprofit? 
I looked at my unique situation living in Los Angeles and decided that my skills could have more impact bringing preventative services to women in under-served and resource-poor regions. 

Dr. Jennifer Lang teaches cervical cancer pathology to 20 healthcare providers at the Kisii Level 6 Hospital in Kisii, Kenya.

What is your favorite thing about working for CCC? 
The opportunity to bring such simple screening and treatment to women who might otherwise die of a completely preventable disease. I strongly believe in preventative medicine.

How to you balance your home and work life?
Working at this particular non-profit has allowed me more flexibility in a work schedule that can accommodate my family’s needs. I can answer an email from Kenya while waiting to do school pick-up, not so much when I was on call 24/7 or had patients booked back-to-back in an afternoon. 

What career advice do you have for girls or young women?
This is a very tough question. I’m not sure I have any advice. I think we have a LONG WAY to go as a society to work towards changing the workplace so that it is truly a healthy and supportive place not just for women but for families. Perhaps I can say this: it’s going to be tough and its going to be painful but please remember that you are not alone and the difficulties you are going to face are not unique to you or due to any kind of failure or inadequacy on your part. Find a strong group of supportive female friends and keep yourself linked into community so you don’t feel isolated going through these challenges.

Cure Cervical Cancer travels to regions that might not otherwise have access to preventative screening services.

What was your favorite country to start a clinic in?
I have had incredible experiences in every country CCC establishes clinics in. What is remarkable to me is how similar we all are, despite enormous geographical, cultural or religious diversity. You can flash a picture of your kids in Halloween costumes to just about any woman anywhere and get an enormous smile and acknowledgment of shared experience. 

Do you keep in touch with the women you meet around the world?
We do, particularly with doctors and nurses who are perhaps more likely to have internet access. We are Facebook friends with many of them. The shared experience of one of our trainings is unparalleled. When you’ve scrubbed dirty speculums with someone using a headlamp because the thunderstorm cut out the electricity to the clinic you’re pretty much bonded for life. I’ve also had a group from Nigeria live with me in my home for a week when we had to adjust a training program due to security concerns.

What do you like doing on your time off?
I’m training for an Ironman triathlon, so my time off is dominated by swim, bike and run. I also love reading fiction and host a monthly book club. And, of course, all of this is when the kids are sleeping. As moms know, when kids are awake there is no such thing as “time off.”

What’s your favorite hobby or pastime?
Outside of triathlon training and reading and discussing literature, I also love rock-climbing, dancing and horseback riding. “Play” in any form is an important theme in my life. It’s what charges me up and gives me the inspiration to push my own boundaries personally and professionally.

Dr. Jennifer Lang with newly trained nurses and Dr. Rodney Baptiste, the director at Bethesda Hospital in Cap-Haitian, Haiti.

What are you most proud of regarding CCC and its accomplishments?
CCC has so many accomplishments I feel enormously proud of, but the training and certification program of local healthcare professionals really stands out. I now have 2 concrete examples of nurses who lost jobs that were providing for their families, and were able to leverage their skill sets in cervical cancer screening and treatment to get new jobs.

What is your favorite place in the world to vacation?
I was raised on a farm in rural southern Ontario, Canada. There is a giant pink granite boulder at one of the highest points on the property which we named the “Red Rock.” You can see the horizon in every direction when you stand on top of that boulder. That specific stone is incredibly special to me, and one of the places on the planet I can always return to when I want to remember exactly who I am and why I am here.

FCancer x LOVE GOODLY Party!

Making a difference with our cause partner FCancer in the West Hollywood hotspot Now Boarding, for our LOVE GOODLY October/November box launch!

Proud to partner with this amazing charity, FCancer, who are working on cancer prevention and early detection, along with Heather Kun, Executive Director, and Joanny Levy, Chief of Operations.

Spotted at the party: host Shira Lazar of What’s Trending with Bart Baker, the king of music video parodies; Rachelle Carson-Begley; and Stefanie LaRue, our guest speaker and survivor of stage IV breast cancer.

Read more to see video and photos of the fun!

FCancer Party-8125 (1).jpg
Stage IV breast cancer and activist Stefanie LaRue inspires us with Heather Kun and Joanne Levy, FCancer.

FCancer Party-7075-3.jpg
Environmental activist and actress Rachelle Carson-Begley with Justine Lassoff and Tamar Gellar, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Operation Heroes and Hounds.

The YouTube king of parody and FCancer supporter Bart Baker with event co-host Shira Lazar of What’s Trending.

FCancer Party-8038.jpg
The gang (left to right) Katie Bogue Miller, Justine Lassoff, Rachel Sarnoff, Heather Kun and Joanne Levy.


Tuesdaynights LOVE

I’m already a mom, but I don’t know that I’ve ever been prouder than a few weeks ago, when we beta-launched LOVE GOODLY at an event benefitting Farm Sanctuary and hosted by Tuesdaynights, the women’s networking group that I co-founded. It was like watching my two favorite children play together in the sandbox!

I started Tuesdaynights, with my longtime friend Melinda Moore, because women still—still!—make just 73 cents to every dollar a man earns. According to Smashd, there are more CEOs named John than there are female CEOs in the top 1,500 American companies. (Where do people get these statistics?!?) It just made sense to create a place where female entrepreneurs and executives can network and learn from each other, so we can change that statistic. Stat.

Hosted by the amazing Liz Heller, with Kym Gold, cofounder of True Religion Jeans and author of The Gold Standard, as our inspiring speaker, we were thrilled to beta test the LOVE GOODLY site with this group of smart and savvy Tuesdaynights women—and to feature it as the first in our Cause + Event series!

And we were honored to involve Farm Sanctuary, one of LOVE GOODLY’s amazing non-profit partners and an organization that’s close to our hearts. Farm Sanctuary’s mission is to “protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promote compassionate vegan living.” Founded in 1986, today Farm Sanctuary is the nation’s largest and most effective farm animal rescue and protection organization, caring for animals at sanctuaries in New York, Northern and Southern California.

Farm Sanctuary is just one of the reasons that Katie and I decided to choose only vegan products for LOVE GOODLY. If you’re in Southern California, join us at this year’s Celebration for the Turkeys on November 15th!


How do you connect with other women to raise the bar? Comments, please!