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Down to Earth: Natural Ingredients to Nurture the Skin


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Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Along with eating the right healthy foods, natural ingredients can also support the skin’s everyday functions by rejuvenation and nourishment.



Sea salt contains an abundance of minerals that our body and skin needs. Sea salt can help keep the balance of minerals in our skin and provide protection.

Other salts such as Epsom and Pink Himalayan salt also contain healing and detoxify qualities. Add salts into your beauty routine with hellomellow’s Relax Pink Himalayan Body Scrub or Mullein & Sparrow’s Mini Rose Bath Salts.



Activated charcoal has powerful absorbing properties. It has been a popular ingredient in a variety of beauty and skin care products. Activated charcoal used in beauty is best known for drawing dirt and skin pollutants from the skin, leaving it glowing. Skin is also known to combat breakouts.

100% vegan Little Barn Apothecary Charcoal + Aloe Face Cleanser contains a combination of activated bamboo charcoal and the benefits of aloe which makes it a great daily facial cleanser or treatment cleanser.

Complete the facial cleanse with:



From coconut oil to jojoba oil to argan oil, we are no strangers to beauty oils.They are packed with antioxidants and fatty acids that rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish our skin. Amal’s Moroccan Organic Argan Oil is one of the rarest oils in the world. It is known to help moisturize and contains skin regeneration properties through its richness in Vitamen E and linoleic/okeic acids.

KINDri Organic Beauty Oils contain a variety of ethically sourced oils such as grape seed, sunflower, and sweet almond. Oils can also act as a makeup remover or cleaner like the Mullein & Sparrow Cleansing Oil “featuring the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of black cumin seed.”



Algae are simple, diverse group of organisms found in aquatic environments. We are quite familiar with algae like seaweed. Some algae used in skin-care products contain soothing properties and antioxidants. Red Algae like in OSEA’s Red Algae Mask may also help with aging. OSEA’s Undaria Algae Oil can be applied to the body, leaving the skin supple.

Glow from Inside Out! Vegan Foods for Beauty + Recipes

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“A healthy outside starts from the inside” – Robert Urich

Along with using vegan and organic beauty products to bring out our best selves, we must not forget that beauty starts from within and radiates outwards. The foods we choose to eat everyday lay the foundation to the health of our bodies. Although, the key to beauty from within is by fueling our bodies with a variety of whole foods. We can pick and choose to eat foods that are rich in certain micronutrients that can help the growth, repair and nourishment of our skin, hair and nails. Consider incorporating some of these vegan foods into your everyday diet. With LOVE GOODLY and good food, your beauty will radiate from inside and out!


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Sweet potatoes contain antioxidants that are vital to protecting the skin from cell damage caused by free radicals. Sweet potatoes also contain beta-carotene which contributes to a healthy skin tone and skin cell development. They are also high in vitamin C which is needed to heal blemishes and maintain radiant skin. Garlic contains a good amount of zinc which is needed for repairing damaged skin and keeping skin soft. 

Fries can actually be good for you! Here is a vegan oil- free sweet potato fries recipe.

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Don’t shy away from fats! They are essential for beauty. Avocados contain fatty acids which helps the skin stay plump and moisturized. Avocados also contain high amounts of vitamin E. This vitamin plays a role in minimizing cell damage and promoting skin growth. Brazilian Nuts are high in selenium. Selenium, along with vitamin C and E, can prevent age spots, skin cancer and sun damage. Try this vegan Avocado Ranch dressing
to drizzle on top of salads or this vegan guacamole dip.


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Hair is made out of protein. To keep strong, healthy, shining hair, make sure to include enough protein in your diet. Legumes are one of the highest sources of plant protein. A lack of protein in the diet may cause thinning of the hair, hair loss and dryness.  Dark leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and broccoli are also high in protein.

Make a quick and easy vegan lentil soup to get your protein in or a simple green smoothie to-go.

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Iron is a vital mineral for the hair. A lack of iron in the diet may cause hair loss. Dark chocolate (70-90% Cacao) is a healthy treat high in iron. 

Tip: Consume foods high in vitamin C (such as fruits or try a mykind Organics Vitamin C Spray) with iron because vitamin C helps the body absorb your iron intake.

Create your own vegan dark chocolate treats with this fun and easy recipe.



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OATS + B-12
Oats contain an abundance of nutrients such as B-complex vitamins, zinc, and copper. These micronutrients are important for maintaining healthy nails. You can use oats to make these gluten- free banana oat muffins for breakfast.

Vitamin B-12 is also crucial to nail health. A deficiency in B-12 may cause dry and dark nails. There are many ways to get cruelty-free B-12 including the mykind Organics Organic B12  spray.

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Flax seeds are high in omega- 3 fatty acids which keep nails strong. Sunflower seeds provide a great source of biotin which reduces splitting of the nails and aids to finger nail thickness.

Here is a vegan pancake recipe using flax seeds.


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5 Must-Have Healthy Apps

Apps can do way more than keep us entertained by cute animal videos and brightly colored games. But in an endless sea of them, finding useful and well-executed apps is like finding that needle in the digital haystack! As always, we’re here to help with magnifying glass in hand – read on for our list of five free apps to help hack the hard stuff in your life!


Headspace describes itself as a “gym membership for the mind.” Scared of meditation? Try it out with the free “Take Ten” 10-day program that takes just—you guessed it—10 minutes a day and promises to deliver less stress and better sleep. If you like what you experience, a subscription gets you access to guided and non-guided practices that can help you focus on areas of health, performance, relationships or applying mindfulness to daily activities. And although it may seem a little antithetical to track your meditation “progress,” the HEADSPACE app can also help you do that, too—and gives rewards for good behavior.



The no-frills Yoga Studio app delivers a comprehensive practice through 20, 40 or 60 minute classes. Set to the sound of ocean waves, the verbal cues might be a little brisk for a new yogi, and the video demo is downright strange—carpeted room, no mat, weirdly placed potted plants—but the pose combinations are classic and well executed for all levels. Did we mention it’s free?



You could get a personal trainer, or you could just install Skimble Workout Trainer on your phone and cut to the chase. Download the app and enter limited information about you and your fitness habits, and the app tailors workouts to help you achieve your goals. Following voice prompts—with video support—to build a program consistent with your fitness equipment and time constraints. You can even add workouts to your calendar! And best of all, there’s no annoying background music to distract from the pain.



Happy Cow app is for the vegan foodie in all of us. Similar in concept to Yelp, Happy Cow takes filtering a step further by listing only restaurants and stores that are Vegan, Vegetarian, or with Veg-Options.



There are too many how-to beauty apps to count. But what really matters is what’s in the products that are making your perfect smoky eye and contoured cheek. And that’s where the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep app comes in. Search by product name and a rating pops up based on the number of potentially toxic chemicals on its ingredients list. Wondering what that multisyllabic ingredient is in your favorite body lotion? Query that, too. And best of all, when you’re in a store, you can use your phone to scan a product’s bar code and receive information in seconds. Now that’s what we call an informed consumer.

Paige Padgett’s Pumpkin Pie DIY Sugar Scrub

Got pumpkin? Enzymes in the pumpkin and granules of sugar work to exfoliate and refine, while coconut oil hydrates. Add delicious spices and vanilla to leave you seasonally scented! Our favorite eco beauty guru, Paige Padgett, shared her go-to recipe exclusively with us—it’s not even in her The Green Beauty Rules book but we got the scoop. Forget pie, this is the pumpkin recipe for fall!

Pumpkin Pie Full-Body Sugar Scrub

You’ll need:

1/2 cup pureed fresh, Tetrapak’d or BPA-free canned organic pumpkin

1/2 cup organic brown sugar (use white if you want more exfoliation)

2 tbsp organic coconut oil

1 tbsp honey (optional)

1/4 tsp vanilla 

1 tsp cinnamon*

1/2 tsp nutmeg*

1/4 tsp clove*


Combine all ingredients in a bowl.  For a vegan version omit the honey and double the coconut oil. Use as a dry scrub before bathing; if you shower first, make sure you dry off well—you don’t want the sugar to melt, so you get the maximum exfoliating benefits. Let the sugar do the work so you don’t have to! Spend extra time on your heels, ankles, elbows and any dry areas. Rinse off afterwards. Can be stored, refrigerated in an airtight container, for up to a week.

*You can substitute two teaspoons of pumpkin spice for the cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

If you have sensitive skin reduce the cinnamon and clove by half. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to perform a patch test with the spices as cinnamon and clove can be irritating; if that’s the case, just eliminate the spice mixture—it still smells great!

Darshana Thacker’s Hollywood Bowl Brown Rice Salad

Every LOVE GOODLY box includes a recipe from Forks Over Knives’ chef, Darshana Thacker. Forks Over Knives, our healthy lifestyle partner, has helped ignite a food-as-medicine revolution, as a growing number of people are learning that a diet based in fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes makes all the difference when it comes to good health. A diet high in animal-based and highly processed foods makes people sick and overweight. But many of these sicknesses can be prevented, halted, and often reversed by eating a whole-food, plant-based diet.

Forks Over Knives chef Darshana Thacker made this salad for me when I visited her home in Venice, CA for our Talk the Walk interview. She officially developed it for a Hollywood Bowl potluck, which is how it got its glamorous name—but Darshana told me that a version of this salad had been her go-to lunch or dinner for years. There are so many flavors in this dish, you truly don’t miss the oil. Darshana recommends making it in advance but for our lunch we ate it immediately after preparation and it was delicious! I can see this salad as a main or side course—if you’re in planning mode, it would also be a perfect addition to a cruelty-free Thanksgiving table.

Makes 8 cups


1 cup cooked brown rice (ideally, still warm but not steaming)

1 zucchini, finely chopped (about one cup)

1 cucumber, finely chopped (about one cup)

½ cup finely chopped green onions, white and light green parts

1 cup chopped fresh cilantro leaves

3 to 4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (from about two lemons)

¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

sea salt



Add the ingredients, plus three tablespoons lemon juice (reserve one tablespoon) and salt to taste. Mix well. Taste and add the remaining lemon juice if desired. Cover and refrigerate or let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes to allow flavors to meld. Serve cold or at room temperature; can be refrigerated for up to three days.

Do Try This At Home!

Our new Made Healthy section is all about inspiring us to try to make what we love. I was so inspired by Katie’s description of creating the exclusive LOVE GOODLY Hyacinth vegan candle at Cellar Door Candles that I decided to try and DIY my own recipe. It’s wax, wick and scent, right…what’s so difficult about that?

Well, a whole lot, as it turns out. I didn’t really know the difference between base, heart and top notes, nor did I understand the importance of letting the candle set for 24 hours. But it was a learning experience, and at the end of the day I have a beautiful, unique candle—and a bit of a mess in my kitchen. Want to try? Here’s how it’s done…

You’ll need:

1 heat-proof glass, ceramic or metal receptacle (Cellar Door uses beautiful porcelain dishes for their travel tins, but a half-pint sized Mason jar also works perfectly)
1 glass or ceramic bowl
½ pound bag of soy wax flakes (you can also flake candle stumps using a cheese grater)
1 small metal saucepan
1 metal funnel
1 cotton wick
1wick stickum (that’s the little disk that sticks the wick to the bottom of the ja
1 metal spoon
1 wooden spoon
Essential oils for scent

1. First, find your fragrance: You can use one essential oil for a single-note candle, or experiment by blending different scents. Here’s what I (now) know about fragrance blending:

The “notes” of a perfume refer to the time that the fragrance is detected. So the top note is the first thing you smell, the heart note is what you smell after the top note dissipates, and the base note is usually the “deepest” and most long lasting of the three. As an example, citrus is a typical top note, rose and lavender are heart notes, and vanilla is a base note. Here’s the blend that I used:

4 drops vanilla
3 drops rose geranium (quite possibly my favorite scent on the planet)
5 drops lavender
8 drops grapefruit

Choose your favorite scents and then experiment with the ratio, counting each drop, then double or triple the quantity—retaining the ratio—until your blend totals about 20 drops of essential oil for each ½ pound of wax.

2. Now, prepare your jar by wiping out the inside to make sure it’s clean, then tie the end of your wick onto the metal spoon and affix the wick stickum to the raw end. Drop the stickum end into the jar until it reaches the bottom and press it to the glass with the end of your wooden spoon. Position the metal spoon onto the top so that the wick remains in the middle of the jar.

3. Finally, let’s work on your wax. Turn the flame to low under your saucepan and add the wax flakes, stirring gently as they melt and become clear. Once the wax has melted, remove it from the heat and mix in the essential oil blend, stirring thoroughly, then place the funnel into the jar—don’t worry if you have to move the wick a little to the side—and pour the wax through it to fill. Reposition your wick, then let your candle sit harden for 24 hours.

Clean your funnel and wooden spoon by setting them into your saucepan on low heat until the wax melts off, then wiping with a paper towel—you can wipe off the inside of the saucepan this way, as well.

Once your candle is set, simply snip the end of the wick to remove the spoon and voila: Your own unique candle, with your signature scent! Throw on a label and a lid, and this candle makes a great gift, too. It may not be quite as beautiful as the Cellar Door Candles hat we feature in our Shop, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

*I also stole this photo from the candle-making experience. Thanks, Katie!

Have you ever tried making a candle? We’d love to hear how it went—in comments, please!