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Inside the April/May Box

LoveGoodly-AprilMay2018-BoxTable (1).jpg

We carefully curate each LOVE GOODLY box with healthier products, always vegan, nontoxic and cruelty-free beauty and skincare that you can use every day. Click here to learn more about banned ingredients.

We kicked off our Earth Day celebration with our April/May box. With a total retail value of $95+, this month’s box included 4 full-sized beauty & skincare products featuring a full-sized serum from You & Oil, a European skincare brand being launched for the first time in the United States with our box!

You & Oil Acai, Fig, and Marula Antioxidants, value $44

love-goodly-aprmay2018-youandoil (1).JPG

Acai, fig seed, and marula oil provide powerful antioxidants that help protect and repair free radical damage from pollution and sun exposure protection. Vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic, and PETA Certified.

LOVE GOODLY x Uniful Organic Vegan Mascara, value $22

uniful april may 2018 .jpg

Launching with the LOVE GOODLY and exclusive to us, this organic and vegan mascara is free of toxic ingredients and preservatives. Mild and long-wearing. Use for healthy eyelashes, enriched with organic oils and waxes. Organic, vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic, and PETA Certified.

Ayr Skincare Mini Calm Facial Bar, value $12

ayr bar april may 2018.jpg

Made for all skin types, this gentle and effective soap bar is safe for sensitive skin. Using a blend of organic avocado butter and castor oil to condition skin; ginger grass, lemongrass, rosemary, and chamomile to reduce fine lines; nettle and olive leaf for reduced inflammation and pure sea clay and activated charcoal to naturally draw toxins from your skin. Vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic, Beauty Without Bunnies certified.

Delia Organics Nail & Cuticle Oil, value $17.99

Delia Cutical April May Image.jpg

Our hands are the #1 most used body part on our bodies and we often forget about their care. This cuticle oil is a blend of natural oils and essential oils that help hydrate and promote healthy nail growth. A blend of natural oils including sweet almond, jojoba, and rosehip. Vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic, PETA Certified.

…and, for our VIP subscribers, the 5th bonus item is the Antonym Certified Organic Baked Blush in Peach or Copper, $36 (we have a Rose blush available in our online shop)


The organic baked blush imparts a natural radiance to cheeks for an instant pop of color. Featuring sustainable bamboo packaging, an innovative baking process transforms the blush creme into a finely textured powder. Natural and organic cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to ECOCERT. Vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic.

How to apply: Apply with a blush brush for a supple burst of color to the soft apple of your cheek while smiling. If what you’re looking for is a more dramatic effect, use a contour brush and sweep from your ear downwards, following the line of your cheekbone to accentuate your innate beauty.

This month’s box supported PETA, whose mission is to protect farm animals from cruelty, and promote compassionate vegan living. We are sold out of the April/May box, but click here to subscribe in time for the June/July box shipping on/around June 5!

A picture may say a thousand words, but we can’t possibly convey the quality, taste, and feel of these products. Want to try them for yourself? You can subscribe to the box here, or purchase the one-time gift box here.

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Guest Editor: Jackie Johnson of Natch Beaut

This month’s Guest Editor is Jackie Johnson, founder and host of Natch Beaut, a fun podcast all about modern trends, cruelty-free beauty and skincare, and the golden years known as the late 90s to early 2000s. We chatted with Jackie about why she started her podcast, her favorite LA vegan sushi spot, and Weird Al (um, you will have to read on to find out…)


Image via Jackie Johnson

How start doing a podcast?
I have been doing live comedy in LA for several years, and last year I got really into Snapchat. I discovered it as a way to directly address my audience in a conversational way, and people started watching and the audience grew. Through the growth, I was encouraged by some fellow comedians to parlay this into a podcast so more people could find me and hear what I was doing. I knew doing a podcast on something as visual as makeup might sound crazy, but I had a hunch it would work if I handled it correctly. And a few months later, Natch Beaut was born!

What is your biggest challenge with producing a podcast? biggest reward?
The biggest challenge I have personally is relinquishing control. I planned an all vegan wedding last year and learned that about myself- I am a control freak. Luckily, I trust my producer Steven Ray Morris along with the entire team at Feral audio implicitly, and they help guide me down this path of team work. I still answer every email I receive myself because the audience is very important to me. I want them to know I am grateful for them for spending an hour of their week with me. The biggest reward hands down are the daily messages I get saying I have opened so many people’s minds up to the plant-based lifestyle and cruelty-free makeup and skincare world. Natch Beaut gives full transparency about the harsh truths of the beauty industry that no one really talks about, and I love that so many listeners have vowed to no longer support these injustices with their wallets!

How do you partner with Feral Audio – explain what they are?
Feral Audio is a “fiercely independent” podcast network (like a TV network, but for podcasts instead of TV shows), which means they host Natch Beaut on their server and allow me to record in their beautiful studio. Every show on Feral is 100% creator-owned, uncut, and unfiltered. When I started shopping Natch Beaut around, I knew I wanted it to be on Feral for those reasons. Plus, the name makes me think of kitties and raises important awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering your pets! We can all get behind that message.

Why is cruelty-free beauty important to you?
Beauty to me is not about achieving perfection. It is about self-care, taking time for yourself, and feeling like the most confident and best version of yourself. As a vegan and an animal lover, having animals harmed for the sake of my beauty would be an absolute irony of the entire point. We can all look beautiful and feel beautiful, animals included, without anyone being hurt in the process.

Detox your skincare and beauty.Go cruelty free. (1)

Who inspires you?

My sister, who makes motherhood of two look easy. She still hot rollers her hair every day and had both of her babies all-natural at home. She is beautiful, inside and out, and has eaten a plant-based diet since she was a child.

My dog Chooch because she lives her life with such wild trust and unconditional love of all people and things. She is also vegan and the most gorgeous creature I’ve ever seen.

Lisa Simpson for being one of the first people (albeit a cartoon person) for first presenting me with the idea of not eating animals if you love them.

Weird Al Yankovic for being one of my first big comedic inspirations, as well as a longtime friend to the animals.


Image via Jackie Johnson

What is your morning routine?
The first thing I do every morning is take Chooch on a walk. Then I wash my face with my face wash du jour. Right now I am all about Source Vital apothecary, which is an all-natural, cruelty-free skin care line out of my home state of Texas. I love their algae deep cleanse, and their custom facial cocktail has changed my life. I would bathe in it if I could! I also ALWAYS sunscreen my face and neck. I’ll give the hair and teeth a good brushing as well. I may or may not do makeup, as I love to take a break and enjoy a natch-faced day when I can. I also start every morning with a cup of organic jasmine green tea with a splash of almond milk. I am a big tea lady! And I will most likely check all of my social medias a few times throughout this whole process, let’s be honest.


What is your favorite restaurant?
I love the all-vegan sushi restaurant in Los Angeles called Shojin. I have every birthday/anniversary/excuse to celebrate there that I can. They have truly elevated the art of vegan cuisine there, and they are also so ridiculously nice there. The bathroom is also very cute. Go eat there and go in the bathroom and you will see what I mean!

My husband and I love to travel! We love to go on local trips in California, like to the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, or down to San Diego where the vegan cuisine scene is top-notch. We did a Euro trip for our Honeymoon and it was absolutely magical. We also love a short jaunt to Vegas for some slot machine action and our favorite vegan pizza place, Slice of Vegas inside of Mandalay Bay!

I don’t drink alcohol, but if I could drink a cold pressed juice from Kreation juice every day of my life, it would be the ultimate #LifeGoals. Everything in that place is delicious and makes my life brighter, although my favorite is the illuminate juice! It is truly the organic nectar of the Gods.

…Thing to do in LA?
I love taking my dog to the beach. She comes to life when her paws hit that sand. She also loves to sunbathe, which she got from her mom (although I SPF myself to a comical degree!) My favorite one is the Huntington Dog Beach. We always get lunch at Vegan Nirvana beforehand, so it’s not an entirely selfless excursion.

If you could have dinner with any 4 people in the world, who would they be?
This is a very difficult question, as I love having dinner with people and have a lot of favorites:

Paul McCartney because he means more to me than any person in the world I’ve never met for many reasons (He is a Beatle, he is a longtime animal advocate, and I like to think on some level that he is my dad.)

Howard Stern because I have been listening to him for so many years and following his life and career. We spend so many countless hours together- it would be nice for me to finally be able to respond to the conversation.

Weird Al. Is it weird that I’ve mentioned him twice in this post? Too late cause I’m going there.

And, Adam my husband who is my favorite person in the world to dine with.

Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?
Just do it. I waited for years to start my podcast because I kept talking myself out of it. “There are already so many podcasts; no one will listen to it. Get a life and stop listening to so much Weird Al, ya goof!” I was just afraid of “failure” or of what people might think. I was being lame. Don’t be lame like me. Put your art into the world. It will resonate with people who appreciate it and that is truly the only thing that matters. Do YOU, honey!


Why Cruelty Free Beauty Products Matter

LOVE GOODLY_Why Cruelty Free Beauty Products Matter_May 2017_image 2_Unsplash-Noah Silliman

image via BoredPanda.com

Cruelty free products are manufactured without harming or killing animals, especially skincare or beauty that do not test on animals. The world is slowly turning away from animal-testing, which are often painful and cause the death of millions of animals every year, and towards alternative testing methodsMany countries like India and those in the European Union have banned the sales of cosmetic products that use animal testing or are in the process.

However, many beauty product brands in our local U.S. drugstores and department stores still use animal testing. These tests commonly include rabbits, mice, rats and guinea pigs inhaling or being exposed to chemicals that cause unnecessary mutilations and suffering. Although The Humane Cosmetics Act was introduced in 2014, there is still no U.S. national law banning animal testing on beauty products. Additionally, China still requires animal testing for cosmetics that are imported into the country. Thus, many large cosmetic brands still use or started using again animal testing in order to continue reaching China’s large market.

Detox your skincare and beauty.Go cruelty free. (1)

Popular brands like Aveeno, Cover Girl, Dove, L’Oréal Paris, M.A.C., Neutrogena and Nivea still use animal testing. Here is a more comprehensive list of popular brands that uses animal testing.

Each and every one of us has the power to voice what we value and support by the purchases we make. Where your dollars go speaks volumes. Let’s choose cruelty-free.

In a nutshell, cruelty-free products are products that are not tested on animals. Instead, companies use other alternative methods such as using artificial skin to assure products are safe for consumers.

LOVE GOODLY_Why Cruelty Free Beauty Products Matter_May 2017_image 3_crueltyfreekitty.com-2

The following 3 cruelty- free labels may be trusted. Products with these labels meet the cruelty-free standards set by each organization. To double check, look for the product’s company name on the organization’s website to verify.

LOVE GOODLY always carries cruelty-free beauty products (brands like LINNÉ Botanicals, Hellomellow, Lippy Girl, and OSEA). LOVE GOODLY also supports the Beagle Freedom Project which helps rescue laboratory animals from testing.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


LOVE GOODLY_Why Cruelty Free Beauty Products Matter_May 2017_image 5_boredpanda.com

Guest Editor: Halle Jacobs – Our Summer Intern!

Our summer intern – Halle Jacobs has been a vegan advocate since she was a little girl! It would be hard not to be when her mom is the owner and founder of Real Food Daily! Read on to find out what it’s like growing up vegan and why it’s so much more than a “hipster fad”…

While sharing lunch with a friend one third grade afternoon, she offered me a bite of a small, circular shaped potato-type food. After popping it in my mouth, I exclaimed, “wow, this is really chewy! What is it?”.

Her response that “it’s chicken” prompted me to immediately spit the bite out onto the grass and reminded her, “I’m vegan!”.

“Oops, sorry, I forgot”, she responded.

“I’ve never eaten meat”, I said.

She raised her eyebrows, her eyes widen, and she craned her neck forward with her jaw dropped – a look of astonishment on her face. Baffled, she ask, “but how? It tastes so good!”.

I responded with, “it’s just how my parents raised me”.

Born into a vegan family, I’ve grown up with the smell of home-baked granola wafting from the kitchen instead of cheerios drenched in frothy white milk; on family road trips, we always make sure find the local natural foods store rather than drive(ing) ‘thru’ Burger King for a quick meal. The first time I ate (or rather, picked at the ‘vegetables’ that rested on the crinkly romaine lettuce of my salad) at McDonald’s on a school trip was also the first time I was exposed to the the opposite end of the vast array of foods in the public spectrum. Until stepping outside the comfortable world within my vegan upbringing, I was naîve to what lay beyond its borders. However, in recent years, I’ve come to realize that it’s more significant than a diet I’ve passively assumed because of my alternative childhood, but rather a lifestyle I’ve chosen in order to best represent my personal values and worldview. My vegan mindset has opened its borders to a flood of influences outside of food, with immigrants including sustainable household products, an eco-friendly and cruelty-free beauty regime, and overall informed and conscious consumer practices.

Some believe that veganism is a restrictive diet for those lose trying to lose weight or young, ‘hipster’ college students. Au contraire, being vegan provides the opportunity to grow as a ‘foodie’ and, most significantly, a conscious consumer. Veganism goes far beyond the parameters of just a plant-based diet. It’s a lifestyle that finds its way into every action you take and every purchase you make. As a high-school student, I found this especially applicable to my experience growing up in the consumer-driven mindset of Los Angeles.  

While broadening my vegan diet to an all encompassing lifestyle, I’ve grown hyper-aware of the products I buy, their ingredients, and the environmental implications. It’s easy to spend hours at the grocery store, cross-examining labels and double-checking ingredients or scouring a restaurant menu for the right meal choice as the waiter painfully attempts to aid in your quest to find the right option that can be prepared vegan. The ingredients that blend the increasingly popular organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free (and, of course, vegan!) smoothies from one of the many popular juiceries found in Los Angeles are often colorfully displayed on a chalkboard above the array of blenders visible to all customers: you can literally see your smoothie being made. However, beauty products are quite different. The components of your favorite grapefruit body soap, coconut hand lotion, or peachy-pink blush are not displayed right before the buyer, considering that not many purchase their beauty products directly from the laboratory they’re made in.

I’ve become a strong advocate for cruelty-free beauty products, however the harmful chemicals and the ensuing environmental impacts of the beauty industry had yet to draw my attention until my first makeup purchase. Since I attended an all-girls school, my interest in makeup was delayed until my 16th birthday, whereupon I entered Nordstrom’s beauty section, pacing the aisles, frantically searching each brand name on my iPhone to decide whether to consider purchasing their makeup products based on their environmental philosophy. Afterwards, I immediately rushed home to clear out my assortment of hair products and body washes that failed to meet sustainable standards.

[Is your mouth watering yet?! Real Food Daily is Southern California’s premier organic plant-based restaurant (and my family’s restaurant!) that serves a quality, authentic, creative, and nutritionally balanced menu. Since 1993, RFD has been a cherished destination where community happens around education, connection and hospitality, over delicious, accessible food that’s real.]

Nevertheless, it proved difficult to easily find products that fit all of the key search words: non-toxic, cruelty-free, organic, sustainable, and vegan. The beauty of Love Goodly allows the conscious consumer to take a break and, while scrolling through their website, find products they love without hours of scrutinizing tiny labels with unpronounceable words. In turn, by opening my mind’s borders to a lifestyle rich in challenges and growth, I’ve found an ally in Love Goodly.


Guest Editor: Alexis Farah – Founder of RandomActsofLipstick.com

After nine years in New York City — and beauty editorial gigs at a magazine and website under my belt — I packed up and moved to the West (best) Coast to launch my own brand, RandomActsOfLipstick.com. In my “free” time I love to explore the city by way of paddle board, hiking, biking, and sitting in hours of traffic (just kidding, I don’t actually enjoy the latter but it’s certainly a right of passage for Los Angeles!). I never leave home without the perfect red lipstick and SPF 30+,” Alexis Farah

Find out more about the powerhouse behind RandomActsofLipstick.com after the jump!

What do you do?
The beauty of my job is that no two days look alike. As a freelance writer, I create lifestyle content (think beauty, nutrition, and relationships) for websites like Dermstore.comSelf.com,EverydayHealth.com, etc.
I also spend quite a bit of time helping brands with social media strategy (if you’re not on Snapchat – stop what you’re doing and sign up now!) and work with beauty companies on different video campaigns. 

My passion project — and hopefully my full-time job one day — is my spanking new site, RandomActsOfLipstick.com. On the website I curate content that combines beauty + giving back and even have a shopping experience for users to help support a cause close to my heart, New Alternatives for Children (http://nackidscan.org/home/index.php), while also scoring an adorable classic-meets-glam tote with the RAOL logo.

Why did you start your blog?

Because I’ve been in the beauty industry for so long (and am still stimulated by it 10 years later…), I knew I wanted to start my own beauty-related company. The challenge was how to differentiate it from everything else that was out there. A friend suggested I narrow down the topics that moved me the most, which lead me to focus on beauty brands and influencers who also have a socially conscious mission (like you, Love Goodly!). I’ve spent much of my life supporting nonprofits in both New York and Los Angeles so fusing the two into one online destination made perfect sense. 

[One of Alexis’s LOVE GOODLY faves? S.W. Basics gentle, non-drying cleanser that contains no alcohol. Next to cleaning your face with water, this is as simple as it gets! Cleanser, $22.00]

What’s the best part about your job? 
Raising awareness about the beauty brands or influencers doing really cool things to make the world a better place. It’s refreshing to uncover the ones that care about more than just the bottom line. 
What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?
The most challenging part of my job is trying to juggle all the freelance and consulting work with keeping Random Acts of Lipstick up to date while also brainstorming new ways to reach bigger audiences. But nothing motivates me to post more than wanting readers to know about these brands (which they may already know and love), who are leading the charge as activists. 
What’s the most under-rated thing about LA? 

Daybreaker dance parties (http://www.daybreaker.com), which have recently landed in LA. They’re basically 6 am yoga classes followed by sober dance parties that take place during the week. They’ve gotten some pretty decent DJs too! I’ve been several times with my friend Alexis Wolfer of TheBeautyBean.com and we agree that it’s one of the best (and most energizing) ways to start the day. 


 [Be stylish and make a statement at those Daybreak Dance Parties in this limited edition Vaute Couture tank designed exclusively for LOVE GOODLY. The best part? 100% of the proceeds go to our partners at Farm Sanctuary! Special Edition Tank, $29.95]


Why do you love LOVE GOODLY?
Love Goodly takes the guesswork out of finding safe and healthy products. It’s a relief to know that whatever I’m getting in my monthly box or ordering straight from the site has already been vetted for eco-quality by Katie and Justine. Plus, like me, the brand is committed to using their voice and influence to raise awareness for causes they feel strongly about like Farm Sanctuary and Cure Cervical Cancer .
Where did you go to college? 
I went to Bucknell University. It’s a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania … in the middle of the corn fields (ha!). But I loved every minute of my time there. 
What is your favorite movie? 
A League of Our Own. I’ve seen it a couple thousand times and it never gets old. 
What’s your favorite restaurant? 
In LA, True Foods. In New York, Stanton Social (try the french onion soup dumplings … you’re welcome!).
What do you have for breakfast?
Nothing too exciting. Sometimes I have eggs, sometimes I have fruit and oatmeal. But if I’m feeling especially hangry I’ll go straight for chocolate!
What’s one beauty tip you can share?
Just one? The best way to distribute hairspray through your hair is to spray it in an upside down “U” in the air and then flip your hair through it. It’s my top secret weapon for a perfectly even application.  
Coffee or tea?

I love tea. I think I was probably British in a past life …

One of my current favorite teas.
[One of Alexis’s favorite teas: Pukka Vanilla Chai Tea, $6.95]

One tip to women entrepreneurs? 
Accept every invite you can for social gatherings, nonprofit events, and networking nights. You never know who you’re going to meet. People I’ve met at some of the most random gatherings ended up being supremely helpful as I launched RandomActsofLipstick.com.
And always have business cards on hand for these occasions. 

Guest Editor: YouTube’s Cruelty-free Beauty Expert, Leticia Costa

You, too, can look this flawless without the big-name products that test on animals. Photo from Instagram: @xoloveleti

You might think you’ve finished Spring Cleaning, but are you sure you haven’t missed a spot in your beauty cabinet? Popular brands and common products could be lurking there that are harmful to your health, the environment, and animals they are tested on. Our May guest editor, YouTube vegan beauty star xoloveleti, is here to help! An expert in all things vegan and cruelty-free, Leti’s combination of integrity, approachability, and on-fleek everything make her YouTube channel and Facebook group a top destination for product reviews and beauty advice. Here she shares with us her three dirty products you need to ditch ASAP, fave resources for vegan veterans and rookies alike (including a must-have checklist!), and all that’s in between.

– First three products in a makeup kit to switch out for cruelty-free ASAP:

I am a firm believer in a balancing act with makeup for those not quite ready to take the fully “green” beauty collection plunge- and going cruelty-free is the perfect opportunity to do just that!

I would definitely start with your foundation, mascara and lipstick. I can get away with wearing just that most days, and there are endless vegan and nontoxic options that can work for anyone! I personally swear by the Illuminare foundation as there are formulas to suit any skin-type as well as great undertones. You can find gorgeous vegocentric lipsticks BY LIPPY GIRL in the LOVE GOODLY shop that add just the right amount of tint and moisture to your lips, as well as the Juice Beauty lash defining mascara (I’m dying to try their new products, including the foundation! You just can’t go wrong with JB).

Start your cruelty-free journey off right with a perfectly pink pout! Pictured: Lippy Girl Vegocentric Lipstick in Hot Diggity Yam 

Healthy and ethical beauty is so easy, it’s nothing to bat an eyelash at! But go right ahead with this Juice Beauty Mascara.

– Favorite stops for cruelty-free and vegan info:

I definitely use LogicalHarmony.net as my beauty bible. I do not trust anyone else’s list/certification process more than LH’s! It’s holy grail. The blog is also filled with vegan lists and more. Of course I must shamelessly plug my awesome Facebook group Bunny Lifestyle where like-minded cruelty-free people everywhere join in a positive space to help one another and participate in giveaways, swaps and more. My close friend Katie Petix helps me run it and is a huge reason why it is still alive today.

I also have a 30 days to cruelty-free pdf which you can find on www.LoveLeticia.com that I created after years of experience in becoming cruelty-free and finding a good balance that (hopefully) doesn’t overwhelm others! I definitely plan on doing a shoutout video on my channel YouTube.com/xoLoveLeti soon to showcase more awesome creators!


Find Leti on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/xoLoveLeti

– Something you always run out of: 

I’m going to answer with what I am always SCARED to run out of that I repurchase the most, which is my brow pencil. I am scared to leave the house without having my Anastasia Brow Wiz ready to give my face some life. As a child of the 90s, I suffered through the unfortunate overpluckyourbrowsaritis syndrome, and my sparse (already light) brows now suffer for it. Thanks to the pencil it now takes me seconds to create the brows I’ve always dreamed of, and I love having fun trying out different shapes & techniques!

– Lately you’re always:


I’m hungry right now. Seriously. I’m going through an awkward stage of moving out, where a kitchen isn’t easily accessible and a few lunches have consisted of french fries and pickles (no, I’m not pregnant!). I can’t even begin to talk about how much the Purely Elizabeth muesli in my previous LOVE GOODLY box saved my life. It was so, and I mean SO yummy and nutritious but low maintenance.


– Your morning routine in four words:

Minimalistic, refreshing, reflective, and……… coffee (I’m just not a morning person).

Refresh your own mornings with a light facial cleanser, like Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Facial Cleanser!

– Guilty pleasure you’ll never give up:

Gilmore Girls, Britney Spears, and those OHMYGODYES vegan dark truffles from Nicobella LOVE GOODLY blessed me with. Oh. My. Glob.


– I’m in love with:

My rescued cat Waffle, snapchat, liquid lipsticks, great thrift scores (I officially sound like a hipster but LET ME LIVE MY BASIC LIFE OK), and… VEGAN DARK TRUFFLES! Oh and LOVE GOODLY, of course 😉 No, seriously. I love LOVE GOODLY.

Eco Fashion Exposed

You can green up your wardrobe gorgeously, no Fashion Police necessary! Photo from whowhatwear.com

We all want to avoid fast fashion, in which underpaid workers in third-world countries provide western consumers with cheap and disposable goods. After all, the textile industry is the world’s second largest water polluter, after agriculture! Here’s how to shop better.


Many plants can be turned into alternative fabrics. Basically, you take the fibers of the plant, shred them into a pulp, and then turn that pulp into fibers—which are then woven into fabric. The benefit is that cultivating these fiber-producing plants is good for the planet: For example, bamboo grows extremely rapidly, reduces CO2 levels, generates 35% more oxygen than trees, uses 1/3 less water and requires no pesticides to produce.

But the trick is in determining how that magic takes place. If it’s a chemical process—such as what’s typically used to transform bamboo into so-called “eco-friendly rayon”—then the most sustainable way to go about it is through a closed-loop system, which means that the solvents (and water) are continually recycled. Tencel, which is derived from eucalyptus trees, is a great example of this process. Mechanical processing, by which many USDA Certified Organic companies process linen, bamboo and hemp, also creates alternative fabrics for eco friendly fashion–without chemicals.


Fair Trade is the business practice of sustainably manufacturing goods in economically disadvantaged areas in order to alleviate poverty and reduce inequality. According to Fair Trade USA, these projects now help 1.2 million workers and their families in 70 countries.


Local fashion and accessories are fair trade made in your community and employ local workers; with less energy devoted to transport, they are also more environmentally friendly.


Low-impact dyed means the color of the fabric used in a garment is achieved with fewer, less environmentally damaging chemicals and less water.


Organic means the garment or accessory is manufactured without pesticides, insecticides or other synthetic chemicals. For a great example, check out our Organic Infinity Scarf!


By consignment or thrift shopping, recycled clothes stay out of the landfill by being passed from consumer to consumer. And clothing recycling has a serious impact: On average, we 160 million American women spend $60 each month on clothes, while dumping six pounds of textile waste into the landfill.

Upcycled fashion converts waste into something of higher value, like plastic bags woven into handbags. Upcycled products can be—but aren’t necessarily—vegan, organic, low-impact dyed and fair trade.


Vegan products contain no animal materials, like leather, wool, down, fur or silk—although for some vegans, ahimsa or “peace” silk is acceptable. However, vegan products aren’t necessarily organic, low-impact dyed or fair trade. The Deux Lux line on our site is a prime example of vegan leather alternatives that are fashionable and fun!

AT LOVE GOODLY, we prefer vegan and organic products. We also believe in “voting with your dollars,” which basically means that you show your support for more sustainable production by buying it.

LOVE GOODLY Exclusive with Celebrity Nail Artist for LVX

Let’s kick off our new year by feeling like teenagers again! Between us girls, we have an exclusive interview with the Celebrity Nail Artist for LVX Nail Lacquer that is the stuff of sleepover squeals – pre-cucumber eye masks and post-pillow fight.

And no sleepover is complete without a good sharing of secrets, so be sure to peep our exclusive LOVE GOODLY collaboration color with LVX at the end of the interview! Trust us, it will be true love at first sight.