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Guest Editor: Anna Cummins, Co-Founder The 5 Gyres Institute


LOVE GOODLY is honored to introduce guest editor Anna Cummins, cofounder of nonprofit 5 Gyres, a community that fights ocean plastic pollution through education, science and activism. Anna embodies the spirit of our guest editors, powerful women changing the world. 5 Gyres is named after a sailing expedition to research pollution in the North Pacific Gyre. This expedition was where Anna met her husband Marcus.

Why did you start 5 Gyres Institute?

After first hearing about the “great pacific garbage patch”, I was horrified, and vowed to get more involved, immediately starting a “bring your own” project to engage others. (http://byotalk.blogspot.com/) I then joined a 4,000 mile research expedition across the North Pacific Gyre, as the one woman in a crew of men. One of them – the Director of Research Dr. Marcus Eriksen, proposed to me in the middle of the gyre, with a ring he made from floating plastic. We committed in that moment to take the plastics issue to a global level – starting 5 Gyres with wedding money in 2009.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to stem the flow of plastic pollution that flows to our lakes, rivers and oceans through engaging communities in direct action. For the first few years, our focus was on conducting first hand science across the worlds oceans to elevate the plastics issue to an international audience. In 2014, we published the first estimate on plastics in all oceans, and are now focused on leveraging our findings to drive change on land. Most recently, we saw this to fruition when President Obama signed a Federal bill to ban microbeads from cosmetics, a campaign we spearheaded after finding plastic microbeads in the Great Lakes.

What is the most inspiring part of your job / nonprofit?

Getting to work with amazing people who are as committed as I am to seeing a better future. Being inspired all the time by individuals in our community who are affecting real change on a local, and global level. And watching my soon to be four year old connecting the dots on protecting our environment.

 What was the most challenging thing about starting your nonprofit?

Sometimes the greatest challenges turn out to be blessings! We didn’t have a clue what we were getting into, now if or how it would grow. Had we known how challenging the way forward would be, we might not have ever gotten started!

What advice do you have for other wanting to promote a cause or make a difference?

Ask for help, often! Remember that most people want to be helpful – receiving help/advice/support from your peers gives them a gift too!

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

That its okay, and to be expected, that I will make mistakes, and fail – often. Because out of these mistakes, out of the rubble even when you crash and burn, will come the foundation for even better opportunities.

Name 3 people you admire or are your heroes and why?

These change all the time. Right now:

1. My sister Emily – because as a social worker committed to justice, she is making a profound difference in an LA community that desperately needs more resources

2. Jose Gonzalez from Latino Outdoors, I haven’t met him yet, but admire from far, because he is working to bring much needed diversity to the sustainability movement and leadership.

3. Edward Abbey – because I’ve been on an Edward Abbey kick over the last few weeks, and – violence excluded – the world could use some more hard core disruptors!

How do you stay balanced in your life?

It’s a constant struggle…also as the mother of a small child. Staying active – through walking, running, hiking, or home yoga – helps a ton. When this falls away, I quickly fall out of whack! Girls nights, and date nights (when they happen) are also key  🙂

Guest Editor: Renata of Lipstick Angels

LOVE GOODLY is honored to introduce guest editor Renata Helfman, formerly a celebrity makeup artist and natural products advocate, who started the nonprofit Lipstick Angels in 2012 to use the power of beauty to transform and heal. She has made it her mission to bring beauty, compassion and human touch to cancer patients.

With the help of professional makeup artist volunteers, Lipstick Angels provides complimentary beauty services using with nontoxic beauty products to patients receiving chemotherapy at three different LA-area hospitals, including Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA.

Why did you start Lipstick Angels?

I saw a need that was not being addressed and I knew in my heart that it would be my life’s journey to fulfill it.

What is your mission?

 To restore dignity and hope to those fighting cancer.

What is it like working with women who are going through cancer treatment?

It really puts everything in perspective. It is truly amazing to witness the immediate happiness, hope and beauty you create when you connect with a patient who is so grateful. 

What is the most inspiring part of your job / nonprofit?

 Our volunteers inspire me every single day. To make a commitment to be of service and show up rain or shine is something I respect more than anything.

 What was the most challenging thing about starting your nonprofit?

 Raising the funds to support our work was the most difficult aspect of starting our non-profit, but I soon learned that being confident in yourself and your mission is conveyed to others who share your vision and they, in turn, contribute financially.

 What advice do you have for other wanting to promote a cause or make a difference? 

 Believing in your cause and having the passion to persevere against all odds, is an absolute necessity. Having a fire in your belly is a true gift .

 What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

 There are NO dumb questions.

 Name 3 people you admire or are your heroes and why?

 1. Dan Pollota– He wrote a Ted talk ­­called “the way we think of charity is dead wrong” He is challenging and informing the world that our understanding of charity is the very thing that is holding it back from making a difference. It is the underbelly of how I think, love, communicate and direct Lipstick Angels – it is a MUST SEE.

 2. My grandmother – A survivor in every sense of the word. Not only did she beat cancer several times but she was also a Holocaust survivor. I remember taking her to her radiation appointments; she would look impeccable and apply a fresh coat of lipstick in the car right before we entered the hospital. That always stuck with me, now I see why.

 3. Angelina Jolie – I am constantly in awe of this brave beautiful woman. It is clear that Angelina walks the walk and gets her hands dirty in all that she conquers. An educator, humanitarian and mother to so many. In world where a celebrity can have a voice that is impactful, she certainly uses it.

How do you stay balanced in your life?

This is an ongoing struggle for sure but I have found these 5 things work for me.

– turn off all devices at a reasonable hour

– read a fantastic book

– exercise

– laugh

– love


Guest Editor: CEO of Elevate My Brand, Laurel Mintz!

lauren mintz blog mainWhat do you do?

Elevate my Brand (EMB) is a creative marketing agency dedicated to elevating brands and companies globally.

What’s the best part about your job?

We love being able to work with a diverse group of clients in a variety of industries. It means we have to stay current on marketing trends in multiple verticals which means we are always learning and growing.

[Mintz is a jewelry girl and loves this statement arrow necklace from Christy Robinson.]

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

Quantifying marketing results is not always a 1 to 1. We do a good job of defining KPIs and other success metrics for our clients but it’s always a challenge to manage client expectations. The truth is there is no magic bullet to marketing. It takes time, effort and money to break through the marketing noise.

What’s the most under-rated thing about LA?

People think LA is all about Hollywood when really it’s a small portion of the overall community.  I think LA gets a bad rap for being superficial and shallow.  The truth is we have a ton of amazing cultural experiences here from museums and underground music and art to some of the best restaurants in the world.  We just happen to look better doing it.

What animal would you use to describe yourself?

I would say I’m a King Charles Spaniel which is a purebred dog. Being in the canine family, I love fiercely and am super loyal but am definitely a bit of a princess and need pampering. I’m also like a dog with a bone when I want to accomplish something.

Where did you go to college?

Undergrad UCSB law school and business school at Rutgers

Name one thing did you learn from your last job (or college or career)?

My last job was running our family retail business. It taught me that I was a business owner and not a cog in someone else’s wheel

What is the country you most want to visit?

We didn’t get to have an official honeymoon but were supposed to go to Fiji so that’s top of my travel list right now.

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What is your favorite movie?

I’m a big fan of anything with Patrick Dempsy and I’m a big 80’s fan so Can’t Buy Me Love or Loverboy…I’m a romantic.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

I’m a huge fan of Chef Josef Centeno and any of his restaurants. My classic favorite of his is Baco Mercat downtown LA

What do you have for breakfast?

I usually make a frittata over the weekend so I can grab and go in the mornings with a little hot sauce.  And coffee coffee coffee of course!

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What’s one beauty tip you can share?

I’ve done a lot of media and I have an incredible makeup artist Phoebe Dawson. I recently had her come to my house and teach a master makeup class. She taught us all kinds of secrets so I would definitely suggest taking a makeup class so you can see what you’re personally doing right and wrong.  The best tip she offered was to use a beauty blender to make your makeup set and last longer.

Favorite drink?

I’m obsessed with Health Aid Kombucha and Bai Beverages at the moment. But on the alcohol side I’m a champagne or gin and tonic girl.

Favorite dessert?

I’m a red velvet girl…really anything with cream cheese frosting.

One tip to women entrepreneurs?

The tide is changing and there are so many organizations that are focusing on female entrepreneurs like EY’s Winning Women.  Find those organizations and get involved so that together we can break down the good old boy’s club.  Your network is everything!