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On-The-Go De-Stress Kit: Natural Stress Relief Techniques


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Stress. It’s good for us. Stress can push us to get things done and focus on what really matters. Overwhelming stress is what we try to avoid. This stress is debilitating and leaves us mentally and psychically drained. We can get stressed anywhere and, as good as it sound, sitting in a bath tub with a glass of wine to reduce stress just isn’t always possible with our modern day schedules. With places to be, responsibilities and obligations, it can be hard to properly reduce stress when you’re out and about.

The On-The-Go De-Stress kit has you covered.

We filled this kit with recommended items and natural stress relief techniques so you can reduce stress anywhere, anytime. When you’re stressing out at your office desk at 3pm, this kit will do the trick!


As much as we like to think stress relief techniques can reduce our stress, they can. But only temporarily. You can exercise as much as you’d like but until you solve or come to terms with the roots of your stress, it will come back to you.

To permanently reduce stress, identify the stressor. Ask yourself: What am I stressed about? Once you identify the stressor, find a solution. If you are stressed about a deadline, make plans to start now. If it’s general lifestyle stress, what can you take out or add into your life to reduce  it?

On-the-go De-Stress Kit:

  • Calm Meditation app Many studies have shown that mindful meditation can reduce psychological stress. Calm is an app (available on Android and iOS) that provides guided meditation in categories like breathing to help you slow down the heart rate and blood pressure, kicking in your relaxation mode. You can meditate anywhere; during lunch breaks, while you’re walking or in your car. It only takes 10 minutes!
  • Black Tea According to a study done by University College London, “drinking black tea may speed up our recovery from the daily stresses in life.” Lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) were detected in those who drank black tea after a stressful event as opposed to those who drank a placebo tea. Bring a couple of organic tea bags with you to brew at work or prepare a bottle of tea before going out.

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  • Office Yoga Yoga is a great stress relief technique and has many amazing health and wellness benefits. We might not have the time to roll out the mat and spend 30 minutes in practice. Office yoga is the perfect solution to reap the stress alleviating benefits of yoga while on a time crunch. On your next break, try some of these beginning poses.

  • Chewing Gum Chewing gum has been linked to reducing stress as well as increasing productivity. It is an inexpensive stress relief technique. Generic chewing gum contains synthetic ingredients like polyisobutylene (a rubber used to make tire parts). A sustainable alternative is organic Chicza gum.


  • Take a walk Walking reduces stress and puts our brain in a calmer state. It doesn’t have to be far or long. Don’t check your phone while you’re walking. Put it on Airplane mode and engage with the present moment. 

  • A Healthy Snack In order for our brains to think properly, we need to make sure it has the proper nourishment. A brain that lacks fuel will only heighten stress levels. Pack nutritious and filling snacks like carrot sticks with vegan peanut butter. You can’t go wrong with fruits, veggies and nuts.

  • Turn off the Phone Read this, watch that, answer me! There is no doubt our phones can overwhelm us with information. This doesn’t mean you have to drop off the face of the internet for hours. Some of us rely on our phones for important work. Turning off your phone for half an hour is still effective.

5 Must-Have Healthy Apps

Apps can do way more than keep us entertained by cute animal videos and brightly colored games. But in an endless sea of them, finding useful and well-executed apps is like finding that needle in the digital haystack! As always, we’re here to help with magnifying glass in hand – read on for our list of five free apps to help hack the hard stuff in your life!


Headspace describes itself as a “gym membership for the mind.” Scared of meditation? Try it out with the free “Take Ten” 10-day program that takes just—you guessed it—10 minutes a day and promises to deliver less stress and better sleep. If you like what you experience, a subscription gets you access to guided and non-guided practices that can help you focus on areas of health, performance, relationships or applying mindfulness to daily activities. And although it may seem a little antithetical to track your meditation “progress,” the HEADSPACE app can also help you do that, too—and gives rewards for good behavior. www.headspace.com



The no-frills Yoga Studio app delivers a comprehensive practice through 20, 40 or 60 minute classes. Set to the sound of ocean waves, the verbal cues might be a little brisk for a new yogi, and the video demo is downright strange—carpeted room, no mat, weirdly placed potted plants—but the pose combinations are classic and well executed for all levels. Did we mention it’s free? http://yogastudioapp.com/



You could get a personal trainer, or you could just install Skimble Workout Trainer on your phone and cut to the chase. Download the app and enter limited information about you and your fitness habits, and the app tailors workouts to help you achieve your goals. Following voice prompts—with video support—to build a program consistent with your fitness equipment and time constraints. You can even add workouts to your calendar! And best of all, there’s no annoying background music to distract from the pain. https://www.skimble.com/workouts



Happy Cow app is for the vegan foodie in all of us. Similar in concept to Yelp, Happy Cow takes filtering a step further by listing only restaurants and stores that are Vegan, Vegetarian, or with Veg-Options.



There are too many how-to beauty apps to count. But what really matters is what’s in the products that are making your perfect smoky eye and contoured cheek. And that’s where the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep app comes in. Search by product name and a rating pops up based on the number of potentially toxic chemicals on its ingredients list. Wondering what that multisyllabic ingredient is in your favorite body lotion? Query that, too. And best of all, when you’re in a store, you can use your phone to scan a product’s bar code and receive information in seconds. Now that’s what we call an informed consumer.